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intimacy coaching for successful men in tech san francisco tantra

For those bold warriors of the heart who know that at the end of the day, there's nothing more important than HOW WELL YOU LOVED 


The quality of our connections creates the quality of our lives. 

The tricky part is that when it comes to intimacy, she’s often ‘not in the mood’, and you might find yourself stuck in anxious thought-loops...


Let's be real: You want to be having more sex, and you want it to be super fucking amazing - for you and for her.


▽ You’re craving that soul-connected, earth-shattering sex, with her wild screams and that feeling of totally letting go...

 And a heart-opening, mutually-respectful and growth-oriented relationship the rest of the time - like you're on the same team...

You want to know exactly how to turn her on, so you can finally RELAX and feel desired - reveling in the wild adventures you have together

Welcome. You've come to the right place.


And if you've read this far, BRAVO - because I know it might bring up shame or feel embarassing, even simply reading about joining a men's group focused on intimacy. 


The men who do this work with me are men who value personal development work. They've been in therapy, maybe studied David Deida, or done the Hoffman Process.


And they want more targeted work on sex, and a modern view on sacred relationship and tantra - without all the dogma.

They also may want to heal their relationship to other men - and not depend on their woman for all their emotional needs (which kills desire FAST)


They are both married men and men who are dating. Some just out of painful divorces, others in sexless marriage. All learning to relate to women from a fresh angle.

This mix works because the men in relationship often need to learn to 'date' their partner again. And the men who are dating need to know how to make a solid foundation of good communication, from the start (for example). 


The men I work with are entrepreneurs, lawyers, tech workers, schoolteachers, engineers, and artists - brave, kind, and dedicated to being incredible lovers and partners. 


When you join us, you can start seeing results in a matter of weeks.

All you have to do is get out of your own way (ie, stop those limiting beliefs and take skillful action steps).


A mastermind is the most efficient way to change patterns like:


💔 Not feeling desired by your woman 

💔 Feeling anxious about performance, or

💔 Not attracting quality women in dating

Why do I say that?


1) Your blindspots in how you’re showing up with her (or with women generally) will be illuminated through listening to other men


2) Hearing other men’s experiences gives YOU permission to question your stories, ‘shoulds’ and self-limiting beliefs 


3) Your mind sees what else is possible and finally allows you to believe, claim, and take action toward the relationship and sex you really want (no more 'upper limiting')

4) You stop being so hard on yourself and having to try so hard, and rest into self-love and self-compassion instead. Free from constant shame and self-criticism, transformation is FINALLY possible.


​I know this to be true because I’ve done it myself. 


For example: the bravery of others inspired me to stop being a ‘good girl’ (for you: a ‘nice guy’) and have boundaries, ask for what I want, and have great sex.

Ready to be irresistible to her?

In last year's group, one of the men met a new woman after getting out of a 25-year marriage. 

Each week, he brought his dating questions and fears, and we guided him to find his confidence, speak his truth, and hold his boundaries.

A year later, they are still together, and he brought her to a Couples' workshop I taught.

She said:

“Jessica created the perfect space to explore self-love and share this with my partner. I’m excited to see how these practices enhance my relationship with myself and my lover.”

- Christine, San Jose


Imagine if…


▽ You knew exactly what to do to get her

in the mood. 


You felt supremely confident as a lover.


▽ You knew that just your presence as a man was healing - and you didn't have to try so hard.

▽ Your desires were welcomed (instead of shamed)


▽ You could experience orgasm without ejaculation (and last as long as you want).

dr. jessica gold paint smear

Structure of the Mastermind:


🔥 I use a systematic, tantric approach, that also adapts to YOUR needs.

🔥 First, I create a 90-day action plan for your sex and relationship life, with benchmarks for progress.

🔥 You begin embodied practices that build throughout the program, so that this work changes you from the ground-up.

🔥 We spend 3-4 weeks focussing on each of these elements:

Build the Lasting Foundation of Desire [Earth]

- Be the safe presence she craves without abandoning yourself

- Feel rock solid in your worth to magnetize her

- Ground into Earth energy to regulate tough emotions 

Freedom From Performance Anxiety [Water]

-Get out of anxious thought loops

-Heal common performance issues

-Awaken seductive powers with Water energy

Get Skilled at Neo-tantra and BDSM [Fire]

-Step into new sexual archetypes

-Get out of the 'nice guy' or 'pleaser' role and feel powerful

-Bring Fire energy to skillfully play with sexual edges

Open to Full-body Orgasm [Wind]

-Circulate sexual energy through your body

-Develop new kinds of pleasure and orgasm

-Let yourself fully RECEIVE love

Feel Desired by Her Forever through Devotion [Space]

-Cultivate your ledge of freedom

-Connect with the Sacred

-Create the ultimate vision for your life

*Program subject to change, guided by participants' needs


When: Tuesdays, 5:30-6:45 pm Pacific

Starting May 30th (18 Tuesdays)

What: Somatic, Tantric Teachings, Real-time Coaching, and Q&A 

+ Bonus mini-courses and rituals to make her melt

Where: Zoom

**PLUS an IN-PERSON Practice Day in the SF Bay Area**

(yaay! We can meet each other)

Commitment: 6 months - with regular weeks 'off'.

Investment: This program is A STEAL for $550/mo*. (Masterminds typically run $1500/mo - and this is specialized in a field few dare to address [sex, mind you]). 

Writing a check for $3K for better sex and more love? Hell Yes.

You can easily spend that on a bachelor party bar tab, or cross-country plane tickets for a trip you'll never remember.

THIS you will remember. What if it got you the passion back? Or met the love of your life?


PLEASE NOTE: This pricing is NOT 'per session' - this includes a daylong of in-person practice (take hours to prepare and $$$ to rent the venue), my time spent in-between sessions answering your questions and making practices for you, and countless hours spent to create, market, and deliver this to you, giving you my professional attention for 6 months so you can transform. This business model is not the same as therapy.

Early Bird: $450/mo - SOLD OUT.

BIPOC pricing available

*My 1:1 coaching normally costs $7K, and this is the only way you can get my personalized support for 50% less.*

Strictly Limited to 12 Men! Get your spot ASAP.

Want to chat with me on a brief call first? Schedule one here.

"Im really grateful for this program, i recommend it for anyone who wants to improve the way they show up as a man [...]"
"You really blew my mind with several of the different ways to engage with women [...]"
"I've never in my life had an experience where I got so much out of a program in such a short period of time [...]"
"If there is any part of you that is hesitating or have doubts about being in a program with other men, trust me and jump in! It will change your life [...]"

Hi I'm Dr. Jessica - 

I do this work because it was amazing men in my life who helped me heal and step into my wild sexual power.

I can give you the inside scoop into what smart, adventurous, hot women want in a man and in the bedroom.

And I'll give you a hint: it has nothing to do with technique and everything to do with your presence - WHO YOU ARE

intimacy coaching for successful men in tech san francisco tantra

I teach you both modern science and tantric wisdom. I went to MIT, have a PhD in chemistry (that's right), and I spent over 4 years in a tantric community - which means I bring you the intellectual and embodied 1,2 double-punch of sex coaching.


I went from being stuck in my head, controlling, self-conscious, and unable to orgasm to deliciously embodied, relaxed, confident, and having multiple orgasms.

I’ve coached hundreds of men over the past 7 years to get out of their head in sex, and after doing this work they tell me ‘it’s like night and day.’


For example, here's a common pattern you can start

to shift now:

As a man, you've likely been told that your desire is harmful and unwelcome. 

And I get it: you really don’t want to hurt women, so you hide your desire, ignoring what you truly want.

But bending-over-backwards for her and abandoning yourself kills desire in her in the long run.

Instead, she will come toward you when you have self-respect, and you're not just a 'yes' man (aka boundaries).

And, when you stop feeling shame about your desire.

I believe integrated masculine sexuality is a GIFT because....

Secretly, women admit:

there's nothing better than

being consensually well-fucked

by a strong, confident man.

Imagine having this:

Total confidence in the pleasure you can offer


Irresistible skill in how you make love

Zero anxiety about your 'performance'

And a woman who goes crazy with pleasure in bed.


It IS possible - and it's actually what clients experience after working with me.

dr. jessica gold paint smear

You’ll receive:


27 hours of training

▽ 1, IN-PERSON practice day in the SF Bay Area

Online library of bonuses and recordings

▽ Private online community - where I am available for you in-between calls to help you with real-time, real-life situations


 The pricing for this mastermind includes all of the above - and the hours and costs spent designing and marketing this program. This business model includes many fixed costs that hours of time that therapists don't have.

You don't want to miss this - talking to men about sex is my absolute FAVORITE thing to do.



All sessions recorded and available for 12 months

"The mastermind gave me a place to talk about issues that were too uncomfortable to discuss anywhere else. Masturbation, shame, impotence etc.


I've been able to start talking with my wife about important parts of our sexual relationship that I've avoided for decades. Result is feeling more self assured, closer with her, and more peaceful all around.” 


~ Jeff, Berkeley

intimacy coaching for successful men in tech san francisco tantra

"The mastermind sessions were a great tool for ultimate self-realization to help expand my knowledge of intimacy tantra and sex, understand and experience unity with self and a group men looking for more ways to grow as humans and men on a growth journey. The openness of Jessica really allowed me to explore myself with in myself, get a grasp of how I show up with others, understand relating to other men, get a better understanding of what woman see or do not see in me, and the elements of deeper intimate relationships. It helped me focus on what I want to bring into my life, sex life, how to be ready, present, and available and open to woman that would be open to that of relating with me. I really liked the sense of accountability created by Jessica and her ability to make everyone feel valued. I am sad that it is coming to an end."


~ Robert, Santa Rosa

intimacy coaching for successful men in tech san francisco tantra

"Jessica took me to places I have never been before in sexual pleasure, in full body pleasure, and in love for myself and others!


It is so comfortable sharing with her, laughing, digging deep into myself in an honest way, then letting her help me find more enjoyment and blissful feelings than I ever experienced.


She has helped me deal successfully with being in a 40-year marriage with differing sexual needs, and both of us growing older.


She helped me grapple with an abusive childhood and resulting low self-esteem.

I am so excited, in fact, to learn more, dig more, heal more, feel more in future sessions!!"


~ Bob B, New York

intimacy coaching for successful men in tech san francisco tantra

This is for you if:


▽ You've already done therapy or some form of personal growth work. 


▽ You're ready to show up for your fellow men and share what's real, from your heart - even if it's a challenge at first (all of your feelings are welcome - hey I'm from conservative Texas - I know what it's like to feel shame around talking about sex). 


▽ You’re determined to change your habits around sex - even if at first it’s out of your comfort zone.

▽ You’re over trying to go it alone and you want to experience the power of talking openly about sex, even if it’s a little scary.

▽ You’re curious about the transformative power of non-linear and mystical realms beyond the rational mind.

▽ You're ready to tap into the healing power of your presence - allowing it to be 'enough' to 'just be' - and stop having to try so hard.

This isn’t for you if:

Having a great sex life (or preparing for one with a future partner) isn't a priority for you right now.

You're more into traditional relationships and not growth-oriented relationships

▽ You don't want to practice taking responsibility for your role, going outside your comfort zone, and doing honest self-reflection.

▽ You aren't able to take 2.5 hours/week and space for yourself away from family and work obligations.

▽ You have a medical condition or are on certain medications that prevent you from feeling your body. 

▽ You’re not willing to talk about sex in front of other men.

▽ You have a mental health diagnosis or severe untreated trauma.

  • Do I have to attend all the calls live?
    While it is HIGHLY encouraged to attend them live, so you can ask questions and interact with the mastermind, we will be providing recordings as well for those who have to miss sessions here or there. Trust me, you won’t want to!
  • What happens on the calls?
    Some calls are live, hot-seat coaching where we address your real-life, in-the-moment challenges. Other calls are teaching calls, where I teach on a subject and we do an embodied practice.
  • How much time is required outside of the calls?
    No time is required, but it is helpful to engage with the community FB group and you may want to do short practices or reading to accelerate your transformation. Dr. Jessica will recommend points of focus for each man who is coached in a session.
  • When is the in-person daylong retreat? Is it required?
    The date is TBD, but should be in September, approximately. It’s not required, but participants love it!
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No refunds will be given.
intimacy coaching for successful men in tech san francisco tantra

“I really love your energy, I love that I feel safe with you and that you can understand my perspective and struggles as a man.


I often feel reassured by you and I love the feedback I get from you when I'm being a certain way that has you feeling good. 


That's feedback most women never give me."   


~Mike, San Francisco

"I signed up for this program with the intention of improving my skills as a lover.


While I'm not currently dating anyone, what I learned in the program has allowed me to be increasingly present with and have much better communication with women. I've found myself talking with many beautiful women- some of whom are 20+ years younger than I am- without the overwhelming need or thought that I have to get somewhere with them. I'm enjoying the flow of conversation and the playfulness, and not feeling awkward.


I have also noticed that I'm not coming from a needy place of seeking a women's approval just so I can have sex with her. I'm having fun with conversations and honoring my own standards for a relationship rather than just a hookup.


Significantly, I've also noticed improved communication with my daughter and her mother. I have not been together with her mom for more than four years, mainly because of very different needs/values and a large incompatibility of communication styles.


I've been able to not only be present without getting triggered when she has strong emotions come up, but have also been able to set clear boundaries with her to end any communication that crosses the line of being abusive.


Incidentally, I've also noticed that I'm not feeling triggered by my mom anymore, whereas prior to taking this course it I felt highly agitated pretty much every time I talked with her.


The breathing and grounding practices really have made this difference for me.


I am a better father and friend from taking this program and I know I will be a better lover/boyfriend when I meet the next woman who is a great fit."


~ John, Austin

"Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her programs, and I've found it to be an excellent balance between information and practical application.


I recommend her programs for any man who is looking to discover what it means to "be a man" for himself, and how to incorporate that self awareness and growth into relationships, business, and life with more ease and joy."


~ Adam, New York


Give yourself the tantric education you never had, and join the growing numbers of men who walk the earth feeling powerful, confident, and desired as lovers

Get in here now! Jessica

Questions?  Reach out.

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