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1 on 1 Feedback:

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I am a mental health professional and meditation teacher with over 30 years of professional experience.


I have been in psychoanalysis, gestalt therapy, practiced various forms of meditation and yoga, and I have used Ayahuasca repeatedly.


Dr. Jessica Gold has tied it all together and has opened up doorways that I didn't know existed. She has helped me integrate my sexual abuse, my rage and shame, and has helped my realize my true self and inherent sexuality.


I feel more integrated and fully present and whole than at any other point. I am responding in a more genuine manner with both men and women.


I am no longer afraid of my sexuality and I am no longer needlessly being "nice" with unspoken expectations.


I have a lot more work to go, but one of the many things that I love about Dr. Jessica Gold is that she is fierce and fearless in standing with me on this journey. 


- Michael, Seattle


The sex in my 20+ year marriage had dropped to 1x every 4-6 months. I was resigned, thinking ‘this is just the way it is’.


But after working with Jessica, my energy shifted, and my wife started initiated sex - unheard of before - and even pounced on me in the middle of the night.


AND, after years of finishing in the first 2-5 min of sex, now we go for 30 min.


Our sex life is better than ever, and the sex is helping everything about our relationships.


We started belly laughing together again.


This stuff works.


- Sam, Miami


I feel very thankful for my choice to work with Jessica Gold.


I am finding that we are doing very deep and necessary work and that I am growing in the direction that is bringing me increasing happiness, independence and power.


Jessica brings: personal authenticity, intelligence, intuition, tenaciousness and a diverse and honed skill set to the work.


I consider her a great human asset in my self-development process which has spanned 30-years.


- Zachary, Colorado

Jessica Gold took me to places I have never been before in sexual pleasure, in full body pleasure, in full body bliss and in love for myself and others--and that in only two sessions!


It is so comfortable sharing with Jessica, laughing, digging deep into myself in an honest way, then letting her help me find more enjoyment and blissful feelings than I ever experienced.


She has helped me deal successfully with being in a 40-year marriage with differing sexual needs, and both of us growing older. She helped me grapple with an abusive childhood and resulting low self-esteem. 


I am so excited, in fact, to learn more, dig more, heal more, feel more, enjoy more, orgasm more in future sessions!!


Bob B., New York

"This experience has been so transforming for me.


I have learned so much in the last eight weeks, tools that I can use for a lifetime. I have been struggling with childhood abuse that has carried on into my adulthood and has affected my adult relationships.


I have learned how to care for and love myself and how to be kind to myself.


I have discovered that it is OK to have boundaries and to lean back and let others take control.


My relationships have been a disaster up until now, but I am finally in a healthy relationship, and I am truly enjoying the peace and ease that comes with it.


Also, prior to starting the sessions I was having night terrors almost nightly most of my life.


These sessions have taught me that rather than struggle and fight the night terrors when they would come on to face them with curiosity and love."


S.B., Saskatchewan

Feedback from Men:

"I’ve never in my life had an experience where I got so much out if it in that short period of time."

- Bob
"If there is any part of you that’s hesitating or you have doubts about being in a program with other men to talk about sex…stop it. Just jump the f*@k on and trust me. There’s nothing more rewarding than going through a program like this led by someone who’s been in this work for years upon years - who’s done the deep dive work, and she knows what she’s doing. It will change your life. Not just your sex life, it will change your life."

- Raj
Happy Man

“We shed tons of light on the things I didn’t know I didn’t know. I really appreciated all of your follow up's and how thorough you were, and all of your amazing recordings. My google album that I created of your work has almost 200 listens so far ;)


I would say you bring a level of knowledge far superior than most in the field that I've spoken with, and that added context has been really helpful. That gives you a deep and wide toolbox to draw from. You also bring an incredible empathy and nurturing that allows clients to feel safe and held during hard times.”


-Kevin, San Francisco 

Happy Man

[Y]ou are clear, approachable, down-to-earth and believable. And you offer discussion of a sensitive topic without judgement.


There is a sense of lived experience, and what seems to be a desire to genuinely serve others through your experience and research. Both scientific, and personal. Spoken with a personal touch. All done without some sort of unwholesome prurient kind of appeal.


It's probably some combination of your personal relaxed-ness and familiarity with the topic--and your generation's as well. Not an easy subject to do with dignity, factual rigor, lightness and non-threatening good humor.


Sexuality, and male sexuality, is still a rather prickly subject (pun slightly intended). You seem to manage that balance.  Kudos! 


-Mark, San Francisco


Thanks to your suggestion, I have broken through one of my huge roadblocks.


I pushed myself to discuss self pleasuring with my wife, and to do the activity you suggested (my head in her lap she moves her hands up my body from genitals to heart while I self pleasure).


We had a very open, positive discussion about things we had never discussed.

- Eli, New York

intimacy coaching for successful men in tech san francisco tantra
Portrait of Smiling Man

I have enjoyed a number of one-on-one sessions and also group work with Jessica Gold.


She is extraordinary. She is knowledgeable, smart, honest (very important--she will tell you what she sees in you, not what you want to hear), kind, caring, helpful, sincere, well-read and so much more.


She dug deep into me, uncovering so much I was not aware of and had never faced, and she helped me face it, with very positive results.


She improved my long-term relationship immensely.


She helped me with self-esteem issues and childhood pains. She listened and responded effectively.


She is open about sexual matters and very helpful there, also connecting sexual pleasure to bigger life pleasure.


She helped grow my spiritual sense and connection with my wife but also with others.


She helped me cope with many difficulties in my life in ways I never dreamed of.


- Robert, Connecticut 

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Sex shame as a man is the worst, especially because people won’t talk about it. Or don’t know how to help change it - and I’ve been trying to heal mine for 20 years. 


This is Jessica’s speciality and she’s good at it. 


I’m finally beginning to experience myself more powerfully and as valuable in the world. My self-esteem is better. My self-pleasure practice is evolving, including from shame to acceptance. 


After a 10 year sexual dry spell in my marriage, this work allowed me to finally reconnect intimately with my wife.


For the first time in my life, I’m able to notice what I want, instead of only engaging with intimacy as a chore to please my wife.


I was pleasantly surprised by the level of Jessica’s intuitive ability and willingness to be present and open as a person when coaching.  


She also has a well rooted western logic/science way of teaching eastern tantra/chakra/energy stuff that helped my skeptical mind be at ease with these practices.

- James, Berkeley


It was amazing working with you on this, and a total game changer for me and my relationship with [my partner].


I’ve never experienced as much depth with somebody as I did with [her] doing this, thx for holding space and showing me what is possible.


I’m so grateful.

James, Vancouver

Feedback from Women:


Jessica Gold is an amazing coach, not only does she have great wisdom and knowledge but she also has the ability to make people feel comfortable to be themselves with all their colours and moods.


During the sessions, I found different triggers and emotions came up as stuff got stirred in my relationship. Yet Jessica handled it like a pro, saying all is welcome.


It was wonderful being guided through the Tantra exercises with her, because she is a true tantrika and has done the inner and outer work to give an amazing Tantric transmission.


Grateful for this top class experience. Thank you!

- Naomi, Vancouver

intimacy coaching for successful men in tech san francisco tantra

Feedback from Couples:

Happy Couple

Now I get it…THIS is what it's like for sex to be about intimacy rather than about body parts.


My whole life all I did was rush to the finish line. Now I'm interested in presence.


I just saw my wife like she was 20 years ago - there was a newness and innocence in relating. We lost that through the years of kids, work, and stress.


- Jeff, Houston

Feel Desired By Your Woman - Be Confident in Sex - Succeed in Dating

 Scientist and Tantra Nerd Dr. Jessica Gold inspires thoughtful men, women, and couples to awaken from frustration and shutdown into a life of freedom, power, and love.

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