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Welcome to

Bliss Science:

High-level coaching for powerful men.

Master the Art of Women, Relating, and Intimacy -
for men who want the best in every area of their lives.

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Get my free class for Discerning Men: How to Be Irresistible to Your Woman

  • The 4 big mistakes men make that turn women off

  • How to antidote those tendencies

  • How using a tantric lens catalyzes this transformation
    in a way that feels good

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Find out how to be smart about your desire and get the passion back in your relationship.


Navigating the complex realm of being honest about your desires while building trust and emotional intimacy with your woman requires more than mere surface understanding.

As a discerning man, it's time to hone a version of your intelligence that has, perhaps, been overlooked: your Sexual IQ.

What is your Sexual IQ?



Most men have been taught to neglect their relational and sexual IQ entirely.


But it is the key to reclaiming your personal power - I know because I did this myself.


It's not just about being impressive in intimacy; it's about feeling connected emotionally, unashamed of who you are, and deeply 'met' by your woman on every level


It’s how you start to feel like you’re on the same team again.

Your erotic & sensual intelligence (or Sexual IQ) is the catalyst for pleasure, connection, mutual desire, power, creativity, and love


(I know that’s a long list, but I really mean it!).

My work has helped hundreds of men to:

Get the passion back in their relationship, recover confidence after a traumatic divorce, or meet the woman of their dreams.


One-to-one coaching

for powerful, deep-thinking

single men or men in relationship

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▽ Elevating the art of relating

    For powerful, deep-thinking men in relationships 


Through personalized coaching sessions, tailored specifically to your situation in partnership, we will bring the lens of curiosity and compassion and go straight to the heart of what’s really going on for you so that you can reignite the passion in your relationship, feel desired by her again – and experience intimacy on all levels beyond anything you’ve known before.

▽ Find the woman your head

    heart, and c*ck agree on

     For single men looking to attract the woman who         deeply meets you on every level


As a woman myself, I am your mirror, gently reflecting to you how you’re showing up to my nervous system. This powerful, somatic process connects you to your innate wisdom and reveals blind spots holding you back from attracting an epic, conscious woman. I use neo-tantric teachings to defuse any performance anxiety, help you heal from a difficult divorce, and be assured of your skills as a lover.

I help you get out of your head, and into your body more frequently, fervently, and with endlessly more enjoyable results.

In this space, through the seamless integration of scientific expertise and tantric wisdom, you'll learn to:


▽ Liberate your sensual self in a way that women love

▽  Raise your internal ‘upper limit’ of how much pleasure and connection you allow yourself to receive

▽ Create high-quality relationships across the board in your life (with your kids, your boss, and your coworkers)


Whether you're single and seeking or in a relationship aiming for deeper intimacy, this is your invitation to master the art of relating and achieve total confidence as a lover.

Upcoming live events and programs with Jessica

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"I’m incredibly happy with you. You’re talented, smart, you’re a great communicator. You got me in touch with parts of myself that I’ve been repressing for 20 years"

~Sam, Miami

Meet Your Coach

I’m Dr. Jessica and I have spent the last decade exploring the depths of tantra, non-dual philosophy, and erotic intelligence… so you don’t have to.

At the core of my revolutionary coaching methodology is a fusion of modern science, groundbreaking psychology, and real tantric wisdom.


Drawing from my academic background, including an MIT education and a Ph.D. in chemistry – my clients have described me as ‘fierce and fearless’ – I use my skills as a researcher to bring incisive insight, gentle curiosity, and a nonjudgmental presence to give you the freedom to speak your authentic desires and unshame your sexual self. 

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What to expect when you work with me

Powerful, personalized processes drawing from: parts work, sacred theater, narrative therapy, process work, meditation, breathwork, non-dual view, neo- and classical tantra, attachment theory, trauma healing, and hatha yoga.


Out-of-the-box approaches focussing on sexual energy, shadow material, and radical acceptance of the truth of your experience, from a practitioner who's had her own sexual awakening.


Loving and incisive feedback, consistent practice over time, and accountability - to give you new reflexes - a ‘new normal’ - so that you can stop having to try so hard. In a word: FREEDOM.


 Direct, Ongoing Access to support - for overcoming performance anxiety and developing sexual self-assurance so that you actually feel masterful in the bedroom.


Quench your intellectual curiosity with high-quality knowledge. Challenge your unconscious narratives about life, relationships, and intimacy.


Enjoy a safe, judgment-free space where you can articulate your authentic, unspoken desires in sex and relationships. Give voice to the silent longings you’ve held onto for too long - and heal.


Embrace body-based practices (even if you’re skeptical) that stimulate your innate wisdom and facilitate bottom-up transformation. Break free from repetitive talk therapy and step into profound change that emanates from your very core.

View these six months as an immersive research project, guided by a Ph.D.-level Tantric scientist, to develop your Sexual IQ and unshakeable personal power.


My promise to you is simple:

This is NOT your everyday coaching experience

 This is a sanctuary for the powerful, intellectual man who perhaps considers himself to be 'sapiosexual'. Many men have never been able to be real with a woman and not be shamed.

▽ This is an immersion into the 'tantric mentality' for your life  - where you will be both challenged and supported to actualize your vision of who you are meant to be as a lover, partner, and father. 

 This is the education you never had - in relationships and intimacy, tailored for you specifically - from a practitioner who’s walked through the fire herself. 


Want to learn more?


Ready to meet me and achieve

excellence in relating?

Schedule your complimentary 'Chemistry Call’ with me today. 


In our conversation, you'll receive a personalized plan that includes:


Identification of crucial blind spots impeding your success in love and relationships.


A comprehensive strategy to overcome these obstacles, utilizing a potent blend of modern scientific methodologies and neo-tantric practices.


Insight into a focal point of change you can implement immediately, a stepping stone towards greater transformation, regardless of our potential of continuing work together.


Limited spaces available.

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