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This is for you if:

▽ You crave the deep connection that good sex brings and you want to be able to rely on your body to 'perform.' 

▽ You want to walk down the street with the swagger of a great lover.

▽ You can’t get enough of seeing your woman in full pleasure and you don't want to worry about finishing too soon or staying hard.

▽ You want to get out of anxious thought loops so you can relax and enjoy sex.

However, the truth is that sometimes your body just won’t cooperate.

You often feel anxious about sex because you never know if you’ll be able to ‘perform’

Whether the problem is getting hard, staying hard, finishing too soon, or not being able to ‘finish’ at all.

Thinking Man

▽ You don’t know how to handle the anxious thought loops in your head.

▽ Or how to talk to your partner or women you might start dating about this.

▽ It might even be causing you to avoid sex or dating.

▽ Your woman may be taking your ‘performance’ personally and wondering if you truly like her

- or may have even shamed you -

(‘if you didn’t cum it doesn’t count’). 


Hi I'm Jessica:


I’ve worked with hundreds of men over the past 7 years as a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach and Neo-tantric Practitioner.

When I stepped outside the rat race and left my career as a PhD scientist, I ended up spending 4+ years in a tantric yoga community where we studied sex, yoga, and shadow work together.


I went from being stuck in my head, controlling, self-conscious, and unable to orgasm to deliciously embodied, loving to surrender, feeling confident and powerful, and having multiple orgasms.

I’ve coached men to get out of their head in sex, and after doing this work they tell me ‘it’s like night and day.’

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In this 4-week course, you will:

Learn the 4 fundamental shifts you can make right now to change your sexual confidence level

Get the manual for addressing, step-by-step, the 3 main performance anxiety issues: ‘premature’ ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction

Know how to shift your relationship with your partner or with women you date from adversarial to collaborative 

Master practices that anchor in the required shifts in your mindset, energy, and self-pleasure habits (including a guided audio for edging and for shadow identity work)

Learn the tantric approach to handling your difficult emotions that come up in the moment during sex

Benefit from a discreet container where you can be anonymous and/or submit questions ahead of time

Finally shift those anxious thought loops and performance issues so you have the deep, long, pleasurable sexual experience you are desiring, and your partner brags about you to her girlfriends.



4 Tuesdays 

5:30-7 pm Pacific

Starting September 27th


Zoom webinar



2 x $250

(payment plan)

"Jessica took me to places I have never been before in sexual pleasure, in full body pleasure, and in love for myself and others!


It is so comfortable sharing with her, laughing, digging deep into myself in an honest way, then letting her help me find more enjoyment and blissful feelings than I ever experienced.


She has helped me deal successfully with being in a 40-year marriage with differing sexual needs, and both of us growing older.


She helped me grapple with an abusive childhood and resulting low self-esteem.

I am so excited, in fact, to learn more, dig more, heal more, feel more in future sessions!!"


~ Bob B, New York

Happy Man

“I really love your energy, I love that I feel safe with you and that you can understand my perspective and struggles as a man.


I often feel reassured by you and I love the feedback I get from you when I'm being a certain way that has you feeling good. 


That's feedback most women never give me."   


~Mike, San Francisco

It’s like night and day after doing the

6-week program you laid out for me!

While I can't say I'm in full control yet, the baseline has become around 20 min and upward as opposed to sometimes ejaculating upon penetration. ”


~ Mark, New York

Happy Man
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