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NeoTantra Foundations Online Tantra Course for Men
Introducing Neo-Tantra Foundations:
A Practical, 6-Week, Self-Paced Course (for singles, couples, and all genders) 
Do you crave deeper intimacy and more pleasure?

Have you been wanting to 'learn tantra' but - let's face it - you're skeptical of most teachers who seem too 'out there'
and put off by questionable aesthetics and unfounded claims?

But you still know that it's time to do *something* to shift the boring old patterns you find yourself in - 
and address that lingering shame about sex, desire, and performance - 
so that you can unlock an experience that check-mates your mind, for once.

You've heard about what is possible.

But where do you start?


In this 6-week, self-paced, online course, you'll immerse yourself in the embodied practices of neo-tantra.


Dr. Jessica's unique blend of scientific rigor, tantric wisdom, and years of hands-on experience will awaken your senses and open up new gateways to bliss - while also grounding what you're learning in a wide perspective of the field as a whole.


Here's a taste of what you'll discover:

The essentials of neo-tantric and tantric philosophy & how to apply it to deepen intimacy

▽ Breathwork and energy circulation for way more fun Full-body pleasure and new types of org@sm

▽ Sacred ritual to make magic with your beloved

▽ Shadow work to un-shame your erotic self

▽ How to discuss neo-tantra with your partner or your date & dispel myths

▽ Female & male-body-specific teachings

▽ Solo practices to come home to YOUR unique erotic map

Taught by Dr. Jessica and her actual life partner, Tevye, with juicy demos!

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In just 6 weeks, you'll be able to...

Bring both solo & partnered tantric techniques to lovemaking - to create that yummy delight, play, and connection you've been craving 

▽ Move potent sexual energy skillfully through your body so that you experience ridiculous pleasure and longer intimacy 

▽ Open to profound states of being with your beloved

Touch into the awe, wonder, and deep mystery of sacred union 

▽ Discover a spiritual and philosophical framework - based in reality, not in dogma, to support your intimacy evolution

By the end of this course, you'll feel more confident, turned on, and connected than ever before.

Register today, or offer this course as a gift - to yourself or your friends.


▽ It's designed to be watched at your leisure - so you can take your time and watch it with or without your partner. 

Details & Investment:

This 6-week, self-paced, online course is available on-demand.

This course is DESIGNED TO BE WATCHED AT YOUR LEISURE - you'll have the recordings to watch together as you snuggle in bed.


You'll get access to all materials for one year.


Can't wait to explore the foundations of this delicious art form with you! 


Your investment: $397


Meet Your Teacher:


Jessica's story:

Jessica was one of those women who based her self-worth on being able to ‘perform’ and make her man ‘finish’. She didn’t like sex very much, either, and she liked having a defininte end point, so all she had to do was tolerate it long enough for him to finish.

This all changed when she spent 4+ years in a tantric community and had the chance to experience sex with men who had a practice of retention and non-ejaculatory orgasm (which actually helped catalyze her sexual awakening).


Being fucked into a puddle on the regular was nothing short of life-changing - she felt powerful and alive like never before.


And she couldn’t believe how much fun it was to help her lovers train their retention and have more full-bodied pleasure.


Now, the idea of sex with a man who doesn’t bring awareness and skill to working with his turn-on level…well, she’d rather stay in and read a book.

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Dr. Jessica Gold San Francisco Tantra Teacher.jpg
executive intimacy coaching for successful men

"In all honestly, I can’t tell you enough how profoundly it changed my life to have lovers who knew these practices.


It meant we got to explore pleasure together in a pressure-free, playful space and address any shame or relational walls standing in the way of deepest intimacy - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


I’m IN!"

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