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how to bring back the spark in your marriage with intimacy coaching for couples

Has your seemingly perfect relationship grown cold and distant behind closed doors?
Do you yearn for the time when a single look would set both of you aflame with desire?
When your connection was so powerful, so electric, that everyone around you could feel its magnetic pull?

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If you've been questioning how to spice up your marriage, you’re in the right place

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Intimacy Mastery.
Passionate Partnership.

For smart men in relationships with women they love.

The Awakening of Your Inner King

This is not the love story you promised each other.


You're supposed to be her hero, her knight in shining armor, her king.


But now you’re living as roommates.

You gave her everything you thought you were supposed to provide - so why isn't she happy?

The castle is lonelier than you ever imagined.

What if I told you that the power to bring back the fire lies in your hands - just not in the way you think?


Let me teach you how to spice up your marriage once and for all!

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You don’t need to be ‘better.’


You just need the right knowledge.


You're a man of logic and intellect, a master of analysis and systems, a leader in your field.


But no one ever told you that these principles don’t work in the bedroom.


As a scientist, I tried to ‘logic’ my way through relating too - and had terrible intimacy and got divorced.


In tech, we simply never got taught what does work relationally. 

To be the relationship wizard who effortlessly delights his woman, all you need to do is stop ‘convincing’ and start inviting her in.




Using skills like energetic agility and

sacred relating

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Let's take this deeper:

Does any of this sound familiar?


You've had it with infrequent or bored, dutiful intimacy. You're ready to re-ignite the adventures and passion you used to have together.


▽ You’re wrestling with THE question modern men face: how to be both authentic about your desires, while still respecting your partner.


▽ You long to be on the same team with your woman - in and out of the bedroom. Able to talk openly and compassionately.


You want to feel desired by her again - even to be irresistible to her.

 You secretly experience ‘performance anxiety’, you’re tired of being anxious and stuck in your head - you're ready to feel confident. 


You carry guilt and shame around your desires that's causing you to shut down and hold back.

You're bending over backwards to please her - so why isn't she happy?

You think you've tried everything and out of ideas when it comes to knowing how to spice up your marriage.

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Many of my clients have been where you are, too…

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What I offer for Men in Relationship through Individual Coaching:

 6-month immersion into my Bliss Science Method to build your relational IQ  - so that you become an irresistible invitation for her 

▽ 2, 1:1 sessions per month to develop even more inner power, confidence, and relational skill in understanding women

Direct access to Dr. Jessica Gold between sessions - so that we have an on-going conversation and you integrate these shifts into your life 

Access to my AI: Jessica Gold AI - for 24/7 support at your fingertips

▽ Program investment in the 5 figures (NOTE: this work is NOT priced 'by the hour'. One-off sessions are not available).

If you're a smart man in STEM, you simply never got taught what works relationally (and it's not logic!).


I designed this 6-month immersion so that you will know and embody exactly what works to keep passion over the long-term.

(after all, I had my own 4+ year immersion into this education when I lived in a tantric
community after my PhD).

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How it works

Using somatic and non-linear methods, we’ll bring awareness to what may be unconsciously standing in the way of the connection you’re craving.


You will learn neo-tantric practices, the non-dual view, and science-backed somatic methods - so you stop beating yourself up as your main strategy for change.


Through the lens of curiosity and compassion (this really works) we’ll get straight to the heart of what’s actually going on under the hood -


None of this top-down 'convincing' yourself to be different or racking your brains for how to spice up your marriage.

Instead: actual, bone-shaking insight (I know because it happened to me).

Have the passionate partnership your heart longs for

both in and out of the bedroom

how to bring back the spark in your marriage with intimacy coaching for couples

This is for you if:


▽ You’ve done therapy, coaching, or men’s work before


▽ You’re ready at a level 10/10 to make a change


 You want expert guidance from a woman who’s walked through this fire herself and can tell you what women want


Next steps:


▽ Apply for a no-pressure interview with Dr. Jessica Gold below


 You’ll have time to ask all the questions you need to trust me and trust this work

 Efficiently resolve a specific challenge or recurring problem with my expert help

how to bring back the spark in your marriage with intimacy coaching for couples

This is for you if:


▽ You’ve done therapy, coaching, or men’s work before


 Your time is limited and you want to quickly address an acute issue


▽ You prefer in-person rather than Zoom (an online VIP day is also possible)


 You can come to the San Francisco Bay Area

Next steps:


 Apply for a no-pressure interview with Dr. Jessica gold below

~ Bob B, New York

how to bring back the spark in your marriage with intimacy coaching for couples

"Jessica helped me find more enjoyment and blissful feelings than I have ever experienced. She has helped me deal successfully with being in a 40-year marriage with differing sexual needs, and both of us growing older. "

Why work with me over a therapist or any other type of relationship coach?

Passionate Relationships for Powerful Men

I am here to invite you into a world that all of us in tech were taught to mistrust - and to do it without discarding the intellect.


My scientific background and 4+ years living the transformation that I teach - in a spiritual community - taught me how to speak to both your logical mind and your subconscious wisdom.


This combination of the two worlds – intellectual rigor and somatic experience – is an asset you just won’t find anywhere else. 

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Not ready for coaching?

Join my free online community 

Passionate Relationships

You get: 

  • 3 live videos per month from Dr. Jessica Gold

  • An introduction to my Bliss Science Method

  • Monthly themes on sex, love, and relationships

  • An intentional, safe space to ask your real questions - and get personalized answers

  • An insider's peek into my real life


You’ll get to know me and my work in an organic way and feel if this is the right fit for you

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