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intimacy coaching for couples relationship coaching tantra san francisco
 For couples* who want an evening to drop into connection and play together... from the comfort of your home.


*if you’re single you can join with a friend, but you must come with someone that you’re willing to do the practices with

If you’re in a healthy partnership and wanting to take things deeper, then this is for you.


Imagine that…

 You feel connected, respected, and excited in your partnership - more often than not.


 You feel heard and understood and that tight knot of frustration was gone - replaced by looking forward to spending time together to play and flirt.


 You’re able to say what you feel and be validated.


 You share a skillful practice for getting things off your chest without getting into the same old fights.

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▽ When it comes to touch, you both feel safe asking for what you want and confident at giving in a way that’s attuned to your partner’s desires - rather than falling into unconscious routine or performing.


 Seeing your partner lights you up and you feel excited about the new possibilities for pleasure you’re exploring together - rather than sex feeling like a chore.

 If you’re ready to cultivate feeling this way over the long term in your partnership, or wanting to have some deeper fun with the person you’re with, no matter for how long - you’ve come to the right place.

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I am a sex & relationship coach and tantric practitioner, and even I can get swept up in my to-do list, fall into a rut when it comes to relating, and struggle to find the energy or time to initiate a new practice.


But when I do practice with my partner - ahhhh


We discover something unexpected, every time.


Magic happens, connection flows, and we end up exploring new pleasure and new ways of making love.

 I’m offering this work again after returning from 4 weeks of Sensual Arts training in the jungle in Bali.


Because even as an experienced practitioner, it can be a challenge to keep up practice in my relationships, in a world that values overwork and numbing out and doesn’t support us to have sustained erotic connection.


Being led by another teacher, where I could just let go into yummy practices was so invigorating… 


And so, after 4 weeks of yummy, intimate connection practices, liberating communication practices, shadow work, conscious kink, and state-shifting tantric rituals…


I’m bringing this to you!


Jessica Gold, PhD:

Certified VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach


I’m a PhD scientist, but I left my academic career to spend 4 years in

a tantric community. 


As a scientist I was stuck in my head, suppressing my emotions and my embodied wisdom.


My default communication style was to explain, defend, and try to always be right.


As you might imagine, this led to shallow, unfulfilling relationships and a very stressful life trying to figure everything out with my mind (also, intimacy was terrible).

dr. jessica gold paint smear
dr. jessica gold bliss science san francisco tantra teacher

After traveling the world for a year and intentionally saying ‘yes’ to what scared me, one pivotal moment happened that changed everything.


I became a neo-tantra teacher + love & relationship coach, and have been studying emotional intelligence, trauma healing, and sexuality ever since, while walking the path of non-dual shaiva tantra.


(And yes, switching from studying bonding as a chemist to studying bonding as a relationship coach was as wild an adventure as you might imagine!)

dr. jessica gold paint smear

​What is it?

 3 hours of clothes-on connection practices for couples. 

(If you are single or your partner can’t make it, bring a friend and practice together!)

▽ Practices include:
Conscious touch 
Empathic communication
Energy play / neo-tantra (for example!).


▽ When?
On-demand, online


▽ Where?
Participate in this workshop from the comfort of your home


▽ How much?
$195 per couple

This online workshop is open to couples of all genders.


▽ You’ll walk away with: 

  • Easy practices for you to drop into your heart together

  • A good structure for having the hard conversations successfully

  • New ways to play with energy and engage erotically

  • More ability to find your voice and ask for what you want

  • Practice holding yourself so you don’t shut down when your partner asks for what they want

  • An experience of power play and recognition of it as a turn-on or not

  • Step-by-step instructions of the practices so you can easily do them together

So grab your sweetie, get your space setup for movement as well as lying down and sitting comfortably, have some good speakers, and press PLAY.

intimacy coaching for couples relationship coaching tantra san francisco

"Jessica is a fabulous facilitator with so much to offer those desiring to expand and amplify their sexual potential. Her extensive background has her poised with new tools and wisdom downloads to offer. Highly recommend working with her."


Steven, Vancouver

“I really enjoyed your extremely knowledgeable lectures, your positive energy and insight, empathy and the feeling you truly were there to help with anyone's issues with compassion and love. You have kind of a zen presence of someone that exudes wisdom beyond their physical time on the planet.”


Brent, New York

intimacy coaching for couples relationship coaching tantra san francisco
intimacy coaching for couples relationship coaching tantra san francisco

“I’m incredibly happy with you. You’re talented, smart, you’re a great communicator. You got me in touch with parts of myself that I’ve been repressing for 20 years.”


-Sam, Miami

“Jessica is the best tantra and life coach I ever connected with (and I’ve been to several), improving my sexual enjoyment but also how I viewed myself in the world.”


-Bob, New York

intimacy coaching for couples relationship coaching tantra san francisco

I do these practices with my partner (who will be there for this evening too), and we can answer your questions from both male and female perspectives.


Still have questions?


DM me on Facebook or IG.

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