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how to bring back the spark in your marriage

Intimacy coaching for couples who give a damn about their erotic life and recognize that nurturing the spark nurtures love

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Whether you’ve found a sense of routine creeping into your intimate moments lately, or you’re feeling disconnected altogether… 


Or you’re fantasizing about exploring new realms of pleasure…wanting to know what is possible in this human experience…


There comes a moment in every relationship when love requires you to be intentional about your connection – and build a sacred relationship that nurtures extraordinary intimacy on every level: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

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Bring back the passion in your long-term relationship.


Re-create a magnetic sense of intimacy that will make people think you just met.


Wisely establish a lasting foundation of intentional intimacy and skillful connection in your new relationship


I call it Sacred Relating.

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Erotic energy is a powerful tool for conscious partnership

The Art of Conscious Touch

Does the sight of your partner kindle the fires of desire within you?


Or has intimacy become a task to be checked off your to-do list?


Imagine a touch that sends shivers down your spine, a touch so attuned to your body that it feels like an intimate conversation.


My intimacy coaching for couples is renowned for reviving the thrill of discovery, the delight in the unknown, and the sensual connection that makes your heart race.

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The Skills and the Magic of Sacred Relating

Build the foundation for thriving intimacy right from the start with intimacy coaching for couples.


I’ll teach you the essentials in self-awareness, emotional fluency, intimacy, and communication to create a more open, trusting connection.


Based on modern science & psychology, spiritual tantra, and my own personal relating experience.


Head off conflict before it becomes entrenched warfare (believe me you don’t want to try to fix that after a few decades have passed).

Ever wondered about the dynamics of power play in your relationship?


With my intimacy coaching for couples I provide a safe and nurturing space to explore polarity, tantra, and kink as a couple, allowing you to discover what truly turns you on.

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Imagine this is your reality…


 You are able to lose yourselves in sex and play together, worrying less about the outcome and enjoying deepening in intimacy and erotic ecstasy like never before


You feel safe and empowered to speak your needs & explore your deepest desires - both in and out of the bedroom - and you feel skilled at listening empathically when your partner communicates theirs.


You feel free to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’, and now you find pleasure in touch, noticing how attuned your partner is with your body. You no longer feel pressure to respond a certain way.


 You’ve escaped from ruts and routines in connection, and you’re exploring an endless field of new possibilities.


Sex feels like an exciting priority, and you recognize the value that pleasure and physical connection bring to your relationship  - and your own personal happiness.


You have a solid foundation of safety, spark, and devotion between the two of you. You feel heard, understood, and validated - free to be yourself. In a word: loved. You feel that magnetic pull again – the one that was there when you first met.

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What I offer with intimacy coaching for couples:

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tantra san francisco, intimacy coaching for couples, relationship coach, tantra coach for men, online tantra course
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Somatic and non-linear approaches that drive real, sustainable change and deep healing

Tantric practices and philosophies for sacred relating, with step-by-step instruction

Empathic communication, emotional fluency, and nervous system regulation - together

Flirting, non-sexual intimacy, and playful erotic experiments for lasting passion

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How it works

Your laboratory for play and transformation 

tantra san francisco, intimacy coaching for couples, relationship coach, tantra coach for men, online tantra course

  2 private online coaching sessions per month. 75-90 min sessions

  Personalized practices and recorded instructions to guide you in play between sessions

  Direct daily access to Jessica for on-going support

  Access to erotic ritual bonus programs

  Teachings from my library of over 100+ videos

 Extra surprise bonus offerings to delight you

▽ Cultivate a strong, fulfilling, and deeply satisfying bond - both in and out of the bedroom!


▽ Feel safe, nourished, and turned-on again together.


▽ Practice new skills, create a shared vision for your relationship, and lay the foundation for revolutionary intimacy.

Investment in the mid-4 figures

Apply for a Couples' Chemistry Call

If you’re looking for a concentrated dose of magic

tantra san francisco, intimacy coaching for couples, relationship coach, tantra coach for men, online tantra course

 Rekindle passion, resolve arguments, and learn to play together again

 A full day of in-person or online practice together

 Deep healing, non-sexual intimacy, and erotic ritual

Online Zoom sessions OR in-person in the Bay Area (travel and accommodation not included)

This just might be the best day of your life!

▽ A safe and nurturing space for both you and your partner to express your deepest desires, fears, and love.


 Address the elephant in the room, experience deep healing, practice new skills, and create a shared vision together.


 All in an intensive one-day coaching experience.

Investment in the mid-4 figures

We'd love to do an intensive experience

Note: Coaching immersions are NOT priced ‘by the hour’. Dr. Jessica does not offer one-off sessions and does not have an ‘hourly rate.’ Coaching is priced for the time it takes to design and deliver this transformation to you.

~Steven, Vancouver

"Jessica is a fabulous facilitator with so much to offer those desiring to expand and amplify their sexual potential.


Her extensive background has her poised with new tools and wisdom downloads to offer. Highly recommend working with her."

tantra san francisco, intimacy coaching for couples, relationship coach, tantra coach for men, online tantra course
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Why work with me over a couple’s therapist or any other type of relationship coach?

Dr. Jessica Gold
Tantric Relationship and Intimacy Coach for Couples and Men.

My approach combines both science-backed and subtle energy elements – the objective and the subjective – bridging the rational world with the mystical.


Couples often remark that the angle I take is completely different from what they’ve encountered in therapy. We do everything from deep healing to erotic practices together.


I specialize professionally in intimacy and spent 4+ years living in a tantra school - expertise you simply won’t find anywhere else. 


What I help you to build is a sacred relationship - through non-dogmatic polarity work, and the 3 pillars of Safety, Spark, and Devotion.

Besides, who else do you know who has literally studied both molecular bonding (I’m a PhD chemist) and, well…tantric ‘bonding’?

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Not ready for coaching?

Take advantage of my

Online workshop for couples

Couples Bliss Night

Inside Bliss Night you get: 

▽ A 3 hour class for deepening connection, communication, and sensual fun

Inside Bliss Night, you get:

▽ Easy practices for you to drop into your heart together

▽ A good structure for having the hard conversations successfully

▽ New ways to play with energy and engage erotically

▽ More ability to find your voice and ask for what you want

You’ll get to know me and my work in an organic way and feel if this is the right fit for you

And more!

$195 per couple

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