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how to please a woman in bed with intimacy coaching from dr. jessica gold

Embrace the art of powerful dating and relational IQ as a single man.

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Through thought-provoking inquiries and deceptively simple practices, you will: 

 Feel confident approaching women - not hesitant or 'creepy'

Know exactly how to please a woman in bed - not based on 'performance'

▽ Master the art of Relational Intelligence – leaving you irresistible to women.

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Your Desire: Unshamed.

Your Performance: Unparalleled. 

Your Magnetism: Unleashed.

Where Intellect Meets Pleasure Exploration

You’re a deep-thinking man who’s been paying attention to the new paradigm of dating – and wrestling with the question of:


‘how can I be authentic about my desires while also respecting women?


You want to feel confident to freely pursue the kind of woman you desire - someone not only beautiful but self-aware and intelligent, too.

You want to know not just how to please a woman in bed - but what it takes truly satisfy her on all levels.


It’s time to become irresistible to the high-caliber woman you’re dreaming of.



Let me show you…

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Rediscover your authentic self and heart power

This is not just about how to please a woman in bed.


It's about:


▽ Knowing your worth

▽ Accepting and owning what you want 

 Healing from that difficult divorce

▽ Finding freedom from repeating those same patterns

▽ Showing up as a powerful man to attract a hot, deep, mind-blowing partnership.

Are you ready for your very own rite of passage, beyond social norms and expectations, to make room for newfound freedom, love, and insight in every area of your life?

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Does any of this sound familiar?


You are successful in every other area of your life - except when it comes to women. You're wondering why the same logic and communication style that created your company don't seem to work in dating.

You keep attracting unavailable or unsuitable women - and you’re damn ready to connect with a high-caliber partner who deeply meets you on every level. 

You have a habit of getting distracted by women’s beauty, confusing chemistry for compatibility, and - let’s be honest - fear of being alone makes you ignore some real red flags.

You are quietly worried about your body’s ‘performance’ - wondering how to get out of your head and be less anxious - and how to talk to women about it.

You are tired of generic advice about "how to please a woman in bed" and you're ready to deeply understand what it takes to truly satisfy a woman.

You are recovering from a difficult divorce or toxic relationship and want to know how to flirt, date, and relate to women again - while not making the same mistakes as before.

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If so, you’re in the right place

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6-month immersion in my Bliss Science Method so that you know exactly how to attract your dream woman 

2, 1:1 sessions per month - using somatic practices to shift repeating patterns and develop unshakeable confidence 

Direct access to Dr. Jessica Gold between sessions - so that you build a 'new normal' of
sophisticated dating skills and understanding women

 Access to my AI - Jessica Gold AI - for 24/7 support at your fingertips

▽ Program investment in the 5 figures (Note: this work is NOT priced 'by the hour'. One-off sessions are not available).

If you're a smart man in STEM, you simply never got taught what works relationally (and it's not logic!).


I designed this 6-month immersion so that you will know and embody the dating wisdom you need to meet your match.

(I went through
 years of dating disasters after my own divorce and had to get this education myself).

What You Get in 1:1 Coaching

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How it works

Using somatic and non-linear methods, we’ll bring awareness to what may be unconsciously standing in the way of the connection you’re craving.


You will learn neo-tantric practices, the non-dual view, and science-backed methods for lasting transformation.


Through the lens of curiosity and compassion (yes, this really works) we’ll get straight to the heart of what’s really going on for you and...


Show you how to attract the world-class partner of your dreams.

Get confidential coaching and guidance from a woman you’d date in real life

how to please a woman in bed with intimacy coaching from dr. jessica gold

This is for you if:


▽ You’ve done therapy, coaching, or men’s work before


▽ You’re ready at a level 10/10 to make a change


 You want expert guidance from a woman who’s walked through this fire too and can tell you what women want


Next steps:


▽ Appy for a no-pressure interview with Dr. Jessica Gold below


 You’ll have time to ask all the questions you need to trust me and trust this work

Think of these sessions as our experimental laboratory, where you are free to be your authentic self - and be celebrated for it.

Apply for your chemistry call

Get my expert help with a specific challenge or recurring problem

how to please a woman in bed with intimacy coaching from dr. jessica gold

This is for you if:


▽ You’ve done therapy, coaching, or men’s work before


 Your time is limited and you want to quickly address an acute issue


▽ You want an in-person option (although this can also be virtual)

 You can come to the San Francisco Bay Area

Next steps:


 Appy for a no-pressure interview with Dr. Jessica Gold below

Get ready to step into the fires of transformation, catalyzed by a compassionate feminine presence

Apply for your VIP day

~ Zachary, Colorado

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"I feel very thankful for my choice to work with Jessica. 

We are doing very deep and necessary work that is bringing me increasing happiness, independence, and power.


Jessica brings: personal authenticity, intelligence, intuition, tenaciousness and a diverse and honed skill set to the work. I consider her a great human asset in my self-development process which has spanned 30 years."

Why work with me over a therapist or any other type of relationship coach?

I am here to invite you into a world that all of us in tech were taught to mistrust - and to do it without discarding the intellect.

My scientific background and 4+ years of experience living this work in spiritual community means I have lived through the transformation that I'm opening the door to for you.


This combination of the two worlds – intellectual rigor and somatic experience – is an asset you just won’t find anywhere else. 

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Not ready for coaching?

Join my FREE online community: 

Passionate Relationships

You get: 

  • 3 live videos per month from Dr. Jessica

  • Monthly themes on sex, love, and relationships - for MEN

  • An intentional, safe space to ask your real questions - and get personalized answers

  • An insider's peak into my real life

You’ll get to know me and my work in an organic way and feel if this is the right fit for you

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