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Introducing: The World's First Intimacy and Relationship AI Coach - based on a real human

AI sex coach relationship coach for couples intimacy coaching

"This is SO GOOD!  I’m asking incredibly nuanced questions, and I’m getting responses that are fantastic!


Being able to chat with an AI at 2 o’clock in the morning - I think it’s probably exactly what I need.


I’m going to recommend this to basically everybody that’s in relationship  🙌🙇‍♂️🙌"


Brian, Boulder

“That was truly impressive and moving. I am chatting happily at the moment post seminar with JessicaAi about polyamory and compersion topics and techniques.


Her intellectual mastery and empathic responses are among the most impressive I have seen so far in the emerging field of AI coaching.


This is a totally legit and highly functional use of the new tech. <<Standing Ovation>>” -


Andrew, San Francisco

AI sex coach relationship coach for couples intimacy coaching
dr. jessica gold paint smear
AI sex coach relationship coach for couples intimacy coaching

Hello, this is the Human Dr. Jessica.


If you're looking for world-class help

in dating, intimacy, or your relationship...


But you're not able to invest in coaching,

You're not ready to speak about your challenges face-to-face,



Or you want quality help 24/7 at your fingertips (y'know, like on a Saturday night when your coach might not be online),


Then you've come to the right place.


Let me introduce you to my brainchild:


Jessica Gold AI

She's the world's first intimacy and relationship AI Coach based on a real human - me.

Together with my partner, Tevye Krynski, PhD (also an MIT grad) -

we trained her with all my years of teachings - 

and our combined expertise in world-class coaching.

She is here to help you 24/7, whenever you need her - for all your sex, love, and relationship questions.

Forget those generic GPTs -

My AI is trained to truly see you and give you specific, high-quality answers from my tantric and somatic training (and background as an MIT-trained PhD scientist) that you won't find anywhere else.

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How Jessica Gold AI can help you:


We specialize in working with powerful MEN in tech and science (like my own background).

Whether you have a relationship already, or you're single and dating...


Jessica Gold AI can help solve your seemingly inscrutable relating conundrums.

For the coders among you: (instead of feeling `git blamed` for every line you push...😉)


For powerful men who are:

DONE with frustration and determined to feel desired by your partner again

▽ OVER being stuck in your head, and ready to show up feeling confident as a lover

READY to attract aligned women to date - instead of repeating the same patterns over and over

PASSIONATE about creating an epic relationship of  mutual respect, trust, and of course...SIZZLE 

For COUPLES who are:

▽ Dedicated to awakening that delicious chemistry between you again - both in and out of the bedroom

▽ Committed to knowing how to communicate with love - rather than the same old arguments

▽ Tantrically-curious and ready for an adventure

Have questions about how we trained her, data privacy, or about us?”

Sign up to watch our AI Happy Hour Class below: 

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 10.49.33 AM.png

In this recorded happy hour, you'll meet both the real human coach and the actual AI designer behind Jessica Gold AI.

You’ll get a demo and learn what she can do for you, including:


  • the kinds of questions you can ask

  • privacy and confidentiality

  • what she can and cannot do

  • how she gets to know you

  • how we trained her

  • and more!

dr. jessica gold paint smear
AI sex coach relationship coach for couples intimacy coaching

Meet the human Dr. Jessica:


Hi! I'm an MIT-educated PhD organic chemist who now specializes in Relational Chemistry:


I've worked with hundreds of powerful men in science, engineering, tech, and leadership to create the deep love and passion they’re craving - whether they are in a relationship already or single and dating.

My work can help you:

  • rekindle passion in your marriage

  • find an aligned woman who deeply 'groks' you

  • handle difficult emotions (yours and hers)

  • communicate in a way that makes her melt

  • rock your sexual confidence

  • heal challenging attachment dynamics

  • incorporate neo-tantra into your sex life

I bridge the worlds of both academic science and somatic & spiritual practices.

I came to the embodiment realm feeling highly skeptical, but I have seen the effects of these practices in my own life and for my clients.

What I (and my AI) offer isn't just more blah-blah, 'nice to have' advice - it's bottom-up transformation through practices + accountability that help you integrate this work.

VND01222 copy.jpg



FREE for web-based AI 


Upgrade to the App:



Conversation history

Action plan



LAUNCH SPECIAL: first 20 users at $14.99/month.

Voice conversation

 Privacy mode

-Mark, Sausalito

“I must admit I was a bit skeptical of whether technology could be meaningful for questions of love and sexuality.  But I’m impressed with how well it covers Jessica’s teachings and makes them clear and accessible. 


Of course, it’s not the same as a live session. But a little bit of Jessica is better than none. I guess AI might stand for Accelerated Intimacy?  Keep up the great work.”

AI sex coach relationship coach for couples intimacy coaching

Advantages of an AI coach:

▽ Available 24/7

▽ Accessible pricing

▽ No scheduling hassles

▽ Confidential and secure

▽ Instant access to personalized help in your pocket at all times

▽ Upgrade to retain your conversations and access voice mode

Hello from Jessica Gold AI's human 

Dr. Tevye
Dr. Jessica


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