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"For high-functioning, sexually-adventurous couples who want to learn the secrets of neo-tantra and sacred sexuality to create a passionate, long-term, ever-evolving sexual life together."

You have a pretty great relationship, but you know there’s MORE

You’re both good, giving, and game when it comes to sex

Though things are perhaps getting a little stuck in a rut

You just need a framework and a guide to take you deeper

And motivation to make the time for it

I know what it’s like to work demanding jobs, have outstanding social lives, and come home exhausted. 


And when kids are added to the mix, it gets even harder.


But since you’re here reading this, you have a chance to change that.


Because bringing sacred sexuality into your life is FUN and EASY.

It just takes a little practice (you gotta love school when the homework is sex!)

And then you will have anchored mind-blowing intimacy as your go-to.

Sounds FANTASTIC, right?


But then the voices in your head come in:


Maybe you are hesitant or even feel some shame about ‘having to’ invest in your sex life. 


Maybe you can’t shake the feeling that ‘it’s just supposed to work on its own’


Or that it’s ‘indulgent’ or somehow unwholesome to have a really amazing sex life together.


And I’m here to tell you that it is the best thing you can do for your health, the health of your partnership, and the happiness of your family.

~Space is limited~

Imagine your life feeling good in your body, connected to your partner, relaxed, open, joyful, and able to savor the beauty of life…


Imagine yourself regularly experiencing embodied connection to something bigger than yourself, opening more and more deeply to love, acceptance of yourself and others, and wonder at the mysteries of the universe…

The modern uses of tantra are bringing back to us what industrialized cultures lost -


Key ingredients that our nervous systems need to thrive. It’s a space where psychology and spiritual wisdom intersect.


In order to heal, grow, and be our best selves, we must change how we relate to pleasure & sex. Instead of chasing pleasure outside ourselves in ways that ultimately numb us out, we re-discover holistic pleasure that brings us deeper into connection with ourselves and with the present moment.

Imagine living not just ‘tantric sex’ with your partner, but a tantric LIFE that happens in and outside the bedroom: healed, nourished, connected, empowered, graced.


Ready to DIVE IN?

The Deets:


10-12 sessions of 90 minutes


Energy play, breathwork, sacred sex rituals, connection + communication practices

Relationship Clarity & Deep Healing Practices


Guided ritual play audios to keep forever


Two levels of investment, from $4500 


Initiation into sacred sex rituals that will change your life


Secrets you can’t find in any book

Possible Outcomes:


• Deepened connection that endures in & out of the bedroom

• Sex like you’ve never had before

• Mind-altering experiences

• Sharing secret experiences of bliss & wonder

Who this is NOT for:


• Couples in acute distress

• Couples looking for trauma healing

• Couples who just want sexual techniques

• Couples who have lost sexual connection entirely

How I work:

  • I hold you with unconditional positive regard

  • I fully accept and receive the truth of you where you are at right now

  • I support you and also challenge you

  • As your ally and supportive female presence, I reflect to you how you show up

  • I am committed to healthy sexuality, thriving relationships, and healing our wounds

  • My focus is to give you insight into yourself and point to what’s underneath surface reactions

  • I believe thriving comes from radical self-acceptance, connection to the truth of who we are, and from healing in community

  • I work with people of all or no gender and all sexual orientations

See what others have to say about my work:


  • How do I pay you?

    I accept PayPal & Credit Cards.


  • Do the sessions have to be the same day & time each week?

    No, you can set your own schedule.


  • Do I have to meet every week?

    Nope! It’s every other week, or every 3rd week, to give you time in your schedules to do your sex homework :)


  • How long are the sessions?

    75-90 min, and I recommend to set aside 2 hours to have time to integrate after.


  • How much time do we need to spend in-between sessions?

    Usually 3 sessions of 1-2 hours together + possibly some short individual practices


  • Do you give refunds?

    There are no refunds for sessions already completed. 

Why Work with Me?

  • I spent 4 years in full-time embodied practice of tantric yoga, kundalini, shadow work,  personal inquiry, ritual & meditation.

  • As a scientist who crossed over into spiritual practice, I have a healthy skepticism that grounds my work.

  • As a certified sex, love & relationship coach, I completed 3 years of training and additional hours of specialization in Men’s coaching, Relationship coaching, & Tantra coaching.

  • As an experienced leader of sacred sex workshops & rituals, I hold space for intensive transformation and diverse sexual expression.

  • I am a trauma-informed coach & facilitator.

  • I have lived through the transformations that I teach.

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