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You run a World-Class Business.


Now it's time for a World-Class Relationship

(Whether you're in a relationship, or single and dating)

This is the only (tantric) Relationship Mastermind for Bold, Powerful Leaders

Ready to level-up with women?

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At the end of your life, only one question matters:

"Did I LOVE well?"



THIS is how to have that question handled.

Science (and lived experience) tells us that the quality of our connections creates the quality of our lives.


But today, the rules of relating have changed. 


And you, as man, were never given the new playbook.


It’s time to get good at the new winning strategy with women.


I get it, you're already doing SO MUCH in your relationship. 

But the truth is:

if you’ve never studied the arts of modern love - then you’re not going to get it right with women today.

You'll kill the passion in your relationship or keep attracting the wrong kind of women.


The Passionate Relationship Mastermind

is for the MAN who:

1. Is committed to creating a sexy, deep, and growth-oriented relationship - with your current partner 

 2. Is single and dating, ready to attract a high-quality woman  - who deeply 'meets' you on every level.


The problem is that…

If you’re in relationship:


▽ She's often 'not in the mood', and you’re left feeling frustrated and unwanted.


You’re bending over backwards to please her, but nothing seems to be ‘good enough’.


▽ She hasn’t initiated in years, and isn’t open to talking about sex.

▽ OR, you're working through past wounds that keep you from feeling confident in pleasing her

If you’re dating:


▽ You’re tired of apps, but you don’t know where to find quality women.


You find yourself helplessly attracted to women who aren’t good for you and bored by women who treat you well.

▽ You’re frustrated because attractive women seem to make a beeline for ‘assholes’ - but you refuse to play that game.

▽ You’re quietly worried about your body's performance

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If you’re honest, the lack of intimacy in your relationship has you feeling more and more tempted by other women... 

You’re worried about:

Destroying the life you’ve built

Hurting the kids

A very (VERY) expensive divorce.


Plus, you’re tired of feeling like an imposter - successful at work, rejected at home.


If you’re dating….

You're honestly feeling frustrated about how hard this is.

You’re worried about:

Waiting too long to start a family

 Coming across as 'creepy'

If it's 'okay' to want what you want

Where IS she? 

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You've come to the right place. 


Few men make it this far.


It takes real courage to engage this process, and you’ve done it.

You're ready to join the community of powerful men committed to creating the passionate relationship your heart longs for.

But make no mistake - 

This transformation isn’t for YOU alone.

This is for the ripple effect your dedication has on:

  • Your woman's happiness

  • the Example you set for your children

  • And your impact on the world...your legacy.

Entry is by application only.

Raj, San Diego

"The deepest impact is the safety of the container that allowed me to spontaneously release what was not serving me whole stepping into to a more aligned version of myself. What I planned on saying isn't what came through."

Adam, New York

"Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her programs, and I've found it to be an excellent balance between information and practical application.


I recommend her programs for any man who is looking to discover what it means to "be a man" for himself, and how to incorporate that self awareness and growth into relationships, business, and life with more ease and joy."

Alvaro, San Jose

"Jessica’s knowledge, experience passion and skills are superb!


Her energy and communication style are incredible as well. Learning and working with her is inspiring and uplifting, helping me grow in my journey. Thank you for holding the space for me to share my masculine energy with confidence while staying present and appreciating my feminine energy."

You’re already doing SO MUCH to make things work.


Let me help you make this easier.


Time to work ‘smart’ not ‘hard’, in relating.

Ready to be irresistible to her? 

When you join us in the Mastermind for Men, you will change your life. 


I say this because I’ve seen it in my clients every time I run this course. 


All you have to do is be the powerful leader you are and say YES.


Structure of the Mastermind:

▽ Weekly Tuesday Calls (3 weeks/month) 

▽ BOTH Hot seat coaching calls and teaching/embodiment calls

 One, 75-min private call with Dr. Jessica

▽ In-person daylong retreat in the San Francisco Area

Plus bonus gifts like the Neo-tantra Foundations course

We keep this course process confidential. All participants agree to confidentiality, including the names of those in it.

I use my Bliss Science method so that you:

🔥 Build Unshakable Relational + Sexual Confidence 

🔥 Skillfully Handle Difficult Emotions (yours and hers)

🔥 Powerfully Lead Her in Neo-tantric Ritual

It's like...becoming a relational and sexual wizard

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How it Works:



Tuesdays, 6 - 8pm PST

Starting May 7th (18 Tuesdays)

▽ Where:




IN-PERSON Practice Day at an estate in the SF Bay Area

(Date TBA)  


$945/mo for 6 months

$5555 paid in full

Early bird pricing:

$834/mo for 6 months until 4/23

$4999 paid in full


Option to continue for 12 months for $9500 - this year only.

12-month participants receive 3, 1:1 private coaching calls with Dr. Jessica

Join the community of hundreds of men dedicated to passionate relationships.

▽ Get practical answers to your hardest questions, from an expert who created a passionate tantric relationship herself.

▽ No more ‘convincing’ yourself to change - lasting, bottom-up, embodied transformation.

▽ Realize you’re not alone in your challenges through the examples of your fellow men.

Honestly, this program is A STEAL.


We spend time and money to prepare for all the important things in life:



job interviews,

professional exams,

speaking engagements,


athletic competitions…

So why do we not prepare for
world-class relationships and intimacy?


Writing a check for $5555 for leaving a powerful, passionate legacy for your family?


For no regrets in love, when you look back on your life? 


Hell Yes!


No question.


*My 1:1 coaching investment starts at $15K, and this is the only way you can get my on-going personalized support for 75% less.*

"I've never in my life had an experience where I got so much out of a program in such a short period of time [...]"
"If there is any part of you that is hesitating or have doubts about being in a program with other men, trust me and jump in! It will change your life [...]"

Hi I'm Dr. Jessica - 

I do this work because it was amazing men in my life who helped me heal and step into my wild sexual power.

I can give you the inside scoop into what smart, adventurous, hot women want in a man and in the bedroom.

intimacy coaching for successful men in tech san francisco tantra

I teach you both modern science and tantric wisdom. I went to MIT, have a PhD in chemistry (that's right), and I spent over 4 years in tantric communities -


which means I bring you the intellectual and embodied 1,2 double-punch of relationship coaching.

I’ve coached hundreds of men over the past 10 years to rekindle romance and get out of their heads, and after doing this work they tell me ‘it’s like night and day.’

"The mastermind sessions were a great tool for ultimate self-realization to help expand my knowledge of intimacy tantra and sex, understand and experience unity with self and a group men looking for more ways to grow as humans and men on a growth journey. The openness of Jessica really allowed me to explore myself with in myself, get a grasp of how I show up with others, understand relating to other men, get a better understanding of what woman see or do not see in me, and the elements of deeper intimate relationships. It helped me focus on what I want to bring into my life, sex life, how to be ready, present, and available and open to woman that would be open to that of relating with me. I really liked the sense of accountability created by Jessica and her ability to make everyone feel valued. I am sad that it is coming to an end."


~ Robert, Santa Rosa

intimacy coaching for successful men in tech san francisco tantra
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Imagine the relationship of your dreams…

➡ After being a warrior all day long, you get to come home to the place that feels like a true haven for your soul


➡ You feel safe to be yourself, respected, and DESIRED.

➡ You can talk about what’s on your heart.

➡ She melts in your arms.


➡ You feel total confidence in the pleasure you can offer.

➡ You are loved for who you are - not what you provide.

➡ You know how to make her happy.

She joins you in your vision for the relationship.

You both prioritize connection, intimacy, and adventure.

➡ You feel in integrity in who you are as a man, at work and at home.


It IS possible!


How does it get better than that?!

When you join us in this 6-month Passionate Relationship Mastermind for Men , you're not just getting:


Personalized, expert guidance 


▽ Actually effective transformational practices


A deeply supportive community of like-minded men…

You're also getting a whole ecosystem of support + a wealth of bonuses that make this program an absolute game-changer.


Your investment of $5555 includes:

Weekly hot-seat calls so that you’ve got regular accountability to keep the momentum going.

Completely updated and revised embodied practices + teachings from Dr. Jessica’s Love, Sex, and Confidence course.

▽ A Private one-on-one coaching call with Dr. Jessica to get personalized solutions.

▽ An in-person daylong retreat in the SF Bay Area for deep-dive learning and connection.

 Access to an online men’s community for on-going support. 

▽ A Bonus course on Neo-tantra foundations to incorporate tantra into your sex life in a grounded, thoughtful way she will love.

And remember, if you grab your spot before 4/23, you can take advantage of our Early Bird pricing and secure your spot for $4999.


Payment plans are available!


Don’t wait to apply - this program is limited to only 12 men to ensure that everyone gets the personal attention and support they need.

  • Do I have to attend all the calls live?
    While it is HIGHLY encouraged to attend them live, so you can ask questions and interact with the mastermind, we will be providing recordings as well for those who have to miss sessions here or there. Trust me, you won’t want to!
  • What happens on the calls?
    Some calls are live, hot-seat coaching where we address your real-life, in-the-moment challenges. Other calls are teaching calls, where I teach on a subject and we do an embodied practice.
  • How much time is required outside of the calls?
    No time is required, but it is helpful to engage with the community FB group and you may want to do short practices or reading to accelerate your transformation. Dr. Jessica will recommend points of focus for each man who is coached in a session.
  • When is the in-person daylong retreat? Is it required?
    The date is TBD, but should be in September, approximately. It’s not required, but participants love it!
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No refunds will be given.
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Why Work with a Woman?


As a woman, I can give you the unfiltered, behind-the-scenes access to what women really want. 


I reflect to you how you’re showing up to my feminine radar - feedback that most men never get.


And, I show you how to cultivate a masculine presence that has women melting with desire.


So, if you're ready to master the art of speaking 'woman' - then this is your chance to join us in the mastermind.

intimacy coaching for successful men in tech san francisco tantra

I’m a pretty logical guy and Jessica was able to lead me and my partner through a series of sessions that finally allowed me to get into my body and connect not just on a physical level with my partner, but also a deeper, more fulfilling emotional, and spiritual level.

I was a little nervous about all this going into it, but Jessica was fun, creative and supportive to work with and by the end of the first session I was totally at ease. If you want to make your sex life better and grow the connection with your partner, work with Jessica, you won’t be disappointed."   


~James, Vancouver

Jeff, Berkeley

"The mastermind gave me a place to talk about issues that were too uncomfortable to discuss anywhere else. Masturbation, shame, impotence etc.


I've been able to start talking with my wife about important parts of our sexual relationship that I've avoided for decades. Result is feeling more self assured, closer with her, and more peaceful all around.”

Steven, Vancouver

"Jessica is a fabulous facilitator with so much to offer those desiring to expand and amplify their sexual potential.


Her extensive background has her poised with new tools and wisdom downloads to offer. Highly recommend working with her."

Steve, Missouri

“I love your sessions and I think you are awesome, incredible. I find myself hanging on every word. Learned so much the last class. You very profoundly explain things in a way that even I can clearly understand.”

J.R., Spain

Jessica is a person in whom you can confide your secrets, worries, and fears - this dark side that we all have. She is filled with love and tenderness and always puts herself in my shoes. 

Jessica found solutions for my problems and gave me the key for a new understanding of myself and my relations with those I love. 


I'm truly grateful for her.


Give yourself the tantric education you never had, and join the growing numbers of men who walk the earth feeling powerful, confident, and desired as lovers

Get in here now! Jessica

Questions?  Reach out.

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