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The Tantric Man
Private Coaching Intensive with Dr. Jessica Gold

▽ Ready to light her up - and end complaints and criticism?

▽ Ready to be even more confident and get out of your head in bed?

▽ Want to have her initiating?


▽ And…if you don’t have a partner (yet), ready to sweep her off her feet when you do find her?


This is for courageous, bold, & thoughtful men who are committed to creating a world-class relationship -

 whether you’re already in a relationship, or single and dating.

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Your Private Coaching Experience Includes:

2, private 75-minute sessions with Dr. Jessica 

 3-Months of Access to three life-changing courses:

1) Neo-tantra Foundations - Light her up and make her melt. Both solo and partner practices.

2) Total Confidence in Bed - Get out of your head and become a skilled tantric lover

3) Neo-tantra Massage - For transcendent sexual adventures. My most popular course.

 Direct access to Dr. Jessica via Telegram to ask her your questions in real-time.

You will build a 'new normal' of tantric relational skills and of understanding women like never before.

If you're a man who's been in the tech, consulting, or VC trenches, chances are, you never got the playbook on modern relating. 

You won't get far with women using logic and arguing about being 'right'. 

I'm not here to bullshit you. After working with hundreds of men, I can confidently say that the tantric approach works. 

When women hear what I do, they beg me to introduce them to the men who work with me.

Your investment: $1500

(or would you rather take the million-dollar divorce?)

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as seen on:

~ Zachary, Colorado

how to please a woman in bed with intimacy coaching from dr. jessica goldhite Portrait of a Man

"I feel very thankful for my choice to work with Jessica. 

We are doing very deep and necessary work that is bringing me increasing happiness, independence, and power.


Jessica brings: personal authenticity, intelligence, intuition, tenaciousness and a diverse and honed skill set to the work. I consider her a great human asset in my self-development process which has spanned 30 years."

What IS a Tantric Man?

A Tantric Man is a man who:


has mastered the art of relating to women...

knows the secrets of esoteric eroticism...

and turns heads wherever he goes.


And...these secrets will save you from being like the man who told me he 'built a $40 million dollar business - but it ate my soul' - and his wife left him.

A tantric man is confident in his body, like a Jedi knight with his energy, and a wizard in bed.


No shame, no hesitation - but no asshole moves, either.


Let’s do this.

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Courses Included:

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 In this 6-week, self-paced, online course, you'll immerse yourself in the embodied practices of neo-tantra

You'll be able to:

  • Bring both solo & partnered tantric techniques to lovemaking - to create that yummy delight, play, and connection you've been craving 

  • Move potent sexual energy skillfully through your body so that you experience ridiculous pleasure and longer intimacy

  • Open to profound states of being with your beloved 



 The Neo-tantric approach to solving performance anxiety for good

▽ In this 4-week course, you will:

  • Learn the 4 fundamental shifts you can make right now to get your sexual confidence back - based on neo-tantric principles and modern psychology

  • Get the step-by-step manual for addressing the 3 main performance anxiety issues that come up in intimacy

  • Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are skilled at pleasing her in bed - and she even brags about you to her girlfriends afterwards (yes yes yes!).

This course includes 4, pre-recorded 90-minute classes to watch at your convenience


▽ The life-changing, paradigm-shifting guide to epic pleasure and orgasms includes:


Step-by-step video instructions for creating a soul-melting erotic massage - for both male and female bodies - that leaves you blissfully open and connected like never before.


In-depth guidance on setting up both your mindset and your space to go deep.


Get ready for:

  • Deep healing

  • New pathways to pleasure and orgasm

  • A sense of the sacred

Step out of habitual, ordinary ways of relating to each other,


and introduce the extraordinary.

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Meet Dr Jessica

I am a PhD scientist and professionally-certified coach who spent 4+ years living in tantric communities - and the last 10 years obsessively studying sex, love, and relationships with the world's best teachers. 


I bring my lived experience to this work: my own divorce, 8 years traversing the minefield of modern dating, and building a sacred relationship with the partner of my dreams.

Portrait of Smiling Man

I have enjoyed a number of one-on-one sessions and also group work with Jessica Gold.


She is extraordinary. She is knowledgeable, smart, honest (very important--she will tell you what she sees in you, not what you want to hear), kind, caring, helpful, sincere, well-read and so much more.


She dug deep into me, uncovering so much I was not aware of and had never faced, and she helped me face it, with very positive results.


She improved my long-term relationship immensely.


She helped me with self-esteem issues and childhood pains. She listened and responded effectively.


She is open about sexual matters and very helpful there, also connecting sexual pleasure to bigger life pleasure.


She helped grow my spiritual sense and connection with my wife but also with others.


She helped me cope with many difficulties in my life in ways I never dreamed of.


- Robert, Connecticut 

Image by Francis Odeyemi

Sex shame as a man is the worst, especially because people won’t talk about it. Or don’t know how to help change it - and I’ve been trying to heal mine for 20 years. 


This is Jessica’s speciality and she’s good at it. 


I’m finally beginning to experience myself more powerfully and as valuable in the world. My self-esteem is better. My self-pleasure practice is evolving, including from shame to acceptance. 


After a 10 year sexual dry spell in my marriage, this work allowed me to finally reconnect intimately with my wife.


For the first time in my life, I’m able to notice what I want, instead of only engaging with intimacy as a chore to please my wife.


I was pleasantly surprised by the level of Jessica’s intuitive ability and willingness to be present and open as a person when coaching.  


She also has a well rooted western logic/science way of teaching eastern tantra/chakra/energy stuff that helped my skeptical mind be at ease with these practices.

- James, Berkeley

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