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intimacy coaching tantric relationship coaching for couples

A 6-month journey together with 10 women, featuring both the scientific and the tantric approach to having the connected, growth-oriented relationship you’re craving and the sex you actually want.

 Have sex the way you want it - and ask for what you want 

▽ Feel deeply connected to your partner(s) - during and      outside of sex

 Create a vision for being on a growth path together - and the practices to stick with it when it's tough

▽ Transform fear of abandonment, fear of rejection and shame - and feel brave to speak your true desires 

 Bring awareness to how you're showing up and develop a ground of self-trust

 Join a community of smart, discerning women who inspire you to face your fears and create the relationship you desire.

Imagine if you could have your relationship feel like this…


It’s 9pm, and you can’t wait to explore an hour of pleasure with your man.


You’ve been feeling so connected to him - supported and respected.


So, you’ve been flirt-texting each other all day.


After dinner, you feel a delicious full-body shiver as his lips graze your neck.


You have no idea where the night’s exploration will lead you,


And even though you’re tired,


You crave that bone-deep release of full-body orgasm.


And the feelings of closeness and wonder that come afterward. 


No matter what peaks you experience, the simple creation of pleasure together soothes your nerves, relaxes your headache, and regulates your emotions.


You feel free to scream in pleasure, or sob in waves of gratitude -


And you love the way he holds you - with that mix of strength and tenderness.


Lovemaking has become a creative playground where you look forward to trying new things - breathwork, kink, rope, Neo-tantra, primal, or rituals.


But even the simple vanilla sex is deeper than you ever imagined, and so satisfying. 


It takes your breath away


After dinner, your clothes practically take themselves off…

This scenario isn’t just for tantric sex goddesses.

(and btw 'tantra' here refers to the unshaming of your sexuality and of your *whole self.* It's also about bringing the sacred into sex and relating.)

Does this sound like you?

“I’m worried my body doesn’t look good.”


“Sex feels like a chore, and honestly - it’s boring.” 

“I’ve tried talking to men about the foreplay and emotional connection I want, but it doesn’t go well."

“I want a partnership where we grow together and have honest, respectful communication.”

“I want to touch the sacred together.”

“Sometimes my heart feels closed, and I'm afraid of rejection and abandonment.”

Then you're in the right place...

Whether you're single or in relationship, this work applies to you.

You can jump straight to the details below to find out all the Mastermind practical details.

dr. jessica gold paint smear

My Story….


For years, I thought I was ‘broken’ and didn’t understand how the women around me could have such great orgasms and pleasure. Or devoted, kind partners who stood by them, for that matter.


Sex never seemed to go anywhere interesting for me.


It was mechanical, boring, the same. 


I felt despondent about my inability to orgasm.


And I was playing out the same old attachment patterns in my relationships.

intimacy coaching tantric relationship coaching for couples

Whenever my ex wanted to try new things, I was paralyzed with shame and felt self-conscious and insecure


I was afraid to get messy and not look pretty enough.


I just tried to please him, not even knowing what I wanted or what to ask for.


But when I discovered Neo-tantra - everything changed.


I realized how much shame I had heaped on my sexual self, and how much I had suppressed my desire. 


Once I stopped thinking of my genitals as ‘dirty’ and instead did sacred rituals which showed me, for the first time in my 30+ years, that I could orgasm very well, thank you -


I finally felt powerful. Instead of afraid, people-pleasing and broken.


I found community that spoke openly about sex and emotions and started speaking up for what I wanted and how I felt in sex.

intimacy coaching tantric relationship coaching for couples

I did practices that required me to get messy and primal and wild in front of other people, and in sex.


I found lovers who upended the ‘performance’ paradigm of sex and who held space for my pleasure, no matter how long it took or what emotions needed to be expressed (anger, sadness, frustration, fear…)


Connected to my pleasure, I felt powerful. 


And in my power, I could honor myself and choose better and better relationships. Until I met an emotionally-available man who could hold ALL OF ME.

dr. jessica gold paint smear

Connecting to the erotic isn’t about toys or lingerie or ‘giving in’ to what your man (or partner) wants.


This is about YOU. 


Your personal power.


It is about walking down the street feeling fantastic in your body.


It is a fundamental shift in your day-to-day existence - less self-consciousness and fear of rejection. 

And an open heart.



The incomparable Sex and Relationship mastermind

for smart, tantrically-curious women


Where I teach BOTH the scientific and the mystical realms 


And answer your REAL questions with non of that bullshit dogma or magical thinking.


Instead: empathy, real-time support in dating or in relationship pickles - and inspiration to touch the sacred - from a scientist (me!) who has researched, taught, and lived classical and neo-tantra for years.


So that you reconnect to the lover inside of you,

experience wonder and bliss everyday, 

And remember what you came to this life for.

Relationship as a vehicle for personal growth, play, and touching the sacred - it can be yours.

The deets:


This is a group program where witnessing others’ challenges and triumphs in community is part of the medicine!


What you’ll be receiving:


  • 75-min calls on Zoom (+ replays)

  • Hot seat coaching 

  • Tantric Teachings and Embodied Practices (not just more talking!)

  • Creating your vision for relationship and the path to get there

  • Practical, on-going dating profile and texting review

  • Practical, daily support with your established relationship dynamics 

  • Private Facebook community

  • Access to my library of 100+ teaching videos

  • In-person practice together (meet each other in the flesh!) in the San Francisco Bay Area at the end (Details TBD. Transport to the venue not included).


Your investment:


$500/month ($3K total)

Early bird sign-up for $300 off 


BIPOC pricing available

Yes! We will address:


attachment, shadow integration, orgasms, empathic communication, polarity (the non-gross version), getting inside men’s heads (I’ve worked with hundreds of men over the years), and more


  • This program is organic and will evolve with the group and the questions you bring, so it can deeply serve YOU.



18 Wednesdays, 5:30-7pm Pacific time 

Starts April 19th, 2023



Zoom (& in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area)

*When you click below you can also sign up for a short call with me:


"I recently had the honor of witnessing a 10-min, full-body orgasm with a client on Zoom. We both cried. "It had nothing at all to do with my clit," she said "in fact, I wasn't even touching myself at all after the beginning. It just kept going.....So much of my life, sex and pleasure was to please men. I had a pornographic idea of what orgasm was like. I had no idea this was possible."


-Nini, San Francisco

intimacy coaching tantric relationship coaching for couplesintimacy coaching tantric relationship coaching for couples
intimacy coaching tantric relationship coaching for couples

"I have a spent a lifetime reacting in fight-or-flight mode to the demands of my work.


After doing these practices, I no longer respond that way.


This has shifted decades of habit in 2 weeks.


I now am able to hold boundaries, trust that things at the office will be okay and can wait, and respond when I'm ready, from a place of strength.

My sacred practice time gave me both a reason to set boundaries and the ability to keep holding them."


-Kelly, Los Angeles

Image by Dainis Graveris

Potential Benefits:


  • Having sex exactly the way you want it, feeling safe to ask for it…and he really gets it


  • Freedom from worry and guilt that you aren’t ‘enough’ for him sexually


  • Walking down the street feeling powerful and confident and loving your body 


  • Pleasure infused throughout your day so that your work is inspired and you effortlessly feel more joy in your life


  • No longer running up against the wall of shame or embarrassment when it comes to trying new things or talking about sex 


  • Growth-oriented, mutually-respectful, emotionally-connected relationship.


  • Having no fear about holding your boundaries, changing your mind, or needing to go at your pace during sex.


  • Healing around fear of rejection and abandonment

  • Knowing how to use Neo-tantra, polarity, and/or kink to make your sex and relationship super juicy and thriving

"I've had many years of bad sex, partners that were not interested in exploration, and habits born out of the desire to find some enjoyment.


At the young age of 65, I'm embarking on finding loving connections and a new sexual paradigm. Jessica has been a wellspring of information, ideas and hand on experience.


This class has opened up my horizons and has given me a path to a more heart centered sexual connection, breathing exercises to build sexual energy and ideas that I have already implemented to my practices.

It has been a great jump start to finding my new pleasure zone and connection in a more heartfelt felt way."


Deep thanks and gratitude,

Sherri, Pittsburg

intimacy coaching tantric relationship coaching for couples

It’s actually been shown through research(1):

When women bring awareness to themselves, their desires, and their pleasure (rather than focussing on everyone else coming first)


They have more fulfilling sex


That nagging guilt about not satisfying him goes away, and 


The relationship is happier 


(and psst this is what the mastermind is for!).

(1) See 'Better Sex through Mindfulness' by Brotto


You CAN go your whole life with sex on the back burner. 


You CAN be married to your to-do list - and have the years pass you by (this happened to me).

You CAN not speak your truth out of fear (also my MO).


But you’d be missing out on inner power, connection to your partner, and the wonder in life!


You DO have the power to choose where you put your focus - to hold all of you with compassion and heal in community.

dr. jessica gold paint smear

"Jessica is a fabulous facilitator with so much to offer those desiring to expand and amplify their sexual potential. Her extensive background has her poised with new tools and wisdom downloads to offer. Highly recommend working with her."

Steven, Vancouver

“I am a therapist in private practice. Jessica’s work with me has allowed me to radically change my relationship to my sexual self and my experience of sex and intimacy. She helped me revisit some old parts of myself that needed love, and gently bring them to the surface where we could love and heal them together. She has supported me in finding a new experience of myself as a loving, gentle, passionate man in the world. Above all, she has helped me learn to love myself." 


~A.M., Oakland

intimacy coaching tantric relationship coaching for couples
intimacy coaching tantric relationship coaching for couples


  • Do I have to attend all the calls live?
    While it is HIGHLY encouraged to attend them live, so you can ask questions and interact with the mastermind, we will be providing recordings as well for those who have to miss sessions here or there. Trust me, you won’t want to!
  • What happens on the calls?
    Some calls are live, hot-seat coaching where we address your real-life, in-the-moment challenges. Other calls are teaching calls, where I teach on a subject and we do an embodied practice.
  • How much time is required outside of the calls?
    No time is required, but it is helpful to engage with the community FB group and you may want to do short practices or reading to accelerate your transformation. Dr. Jessica will recommend points of focus for each man who is coached in a session.
  • When is the in-person daylong retreat? Is it required?
    The date is TBD, but should be in September, approximately. It’s not required, but participants love it!
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No refunds will be given.

Professional Bio


Jessica Gold, PhD, is an MIT-trained organic chemist, founder of Bliss Science, and your Tantric Scientist. After a successful 10-year career as an academic researcher in organic chemistry & neuroscience, she broke free of lab life to pursue experiments in consciousness & sacred sexuality (a different kind of ‘chemistry,’ you might say). 


As a scientist, Jessica was stuck in her head and cut off from her body, emotions, and intuition. She tried to 'logic' her way through relationships and life - which resulted in chronic fatigue and anxiety and terrible sex. 

intimacy coaching tantric relationship coaching for couples

After years of numbing herself through overwork and drinking, she left her career and went on a journey to say 'yes' to what scared her. Discovering tantra for the first time brought her a spiritual and sexual awakening. She spent 4+ years in tantric communities in full-time study and practice, where she finally stopped overthinking everything by connecting with her body, welcoming the truth of her experience, and relaxing into her feminine power.


Now she works with CEOs, founders, and leaders in tech, science, and consulting. She has helped hundreds of men, women, and couples to have the passionate sex life and connected relationship they crave.


Jessica’s methodology comes from years of deep study in: parts work, sacred theater, narrative therapy, process work, meditation, breathwork, non-duality, neo- and classical tantra, attachment theory, trauma, and hatha yoga. 


Her professional credentials include certification by the International Coaching Federation at the PCC level, Layla Martin's Sex, Love, and Relationship coaching (VITA), and Process-Oriented Psychology with David Bedrick.


Early bird sign-up by April 12th for $300 off

BIPOC pricing available

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