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How to feel Safe, Connected, and

Erotically Vibrant in Your Relationship

In this FREE online class, I'll teach you the 3 Principles of Sacred Relating that you can start using right now.

Because let's face it - you can spend years asking him to 'get in touch with his feelings' or to go to therapy with you...


Or you can get underneath that recalcitrance and those same old arguments by applying these principles.

Let's be real:


You’re longing to know that he cares about you enough to connect emotionally...

(Whether this is in your current relationship, or the one you’re calling in)


You want to feel SAFE to fully express yourself - and not get the same old advice or defensiveness in return...


You want to have a partner who takes the time to get to know your body and your desires (again and again)



Your dream is to be on a growth path together - and be able to talk about the hard stuff without having to caretake his emotions...

I've found that the way to create this is something quite radical and different...

Sacred Relating 

What exactly is that, you ask?

It's a relationship focused on supporting each other to grow and even, to awaken.

It's a relationship where you dare to share the hard stuff and have the skill and dedication to deeply support each other.

It's a relationship where 1+1 = 3 because you are tending to the health of the connection between the two of you.

And when you do that, woowhee! Sparks fly and life gets fun and playful again.

You feel connected, safe, and erotically vibrant.

I'll teach you HOW in 3 Steps in the Free Class.


After my marriage ended painfully - in part because I was not available for any kind of personal growth -


I learned about sacred relating, and went on a very humbling 8-year journey to create this in my life and relationship.


None of us were taught how to actually care for our partnership - instead the pressure is on making money and taking care of the kids.


But then clients come to me stuck in passive-aggressive fights, taking each other for granted, and 'living as roommates' -

If instead you want a real partnership that leaves you feeling deeply LOVE and NOURISHED - where you're both focused on awakening rather than caretaking...

Sacred Relationship is for You.

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Sacred Relationship for Women: How to have the supportive, passionate, growth-oriented relationship you desire.​

During the class, I’ll also be talking about my upcoming Women’s Intimacy and Relationship Mastermind.

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When a client had a new experience of org@sm recently, she said, "It had nothing at all to do with my [usual pleasure pathway]," she said "in fact, I wasn't even touching myself at all after the beginning. It just kept going.....So much of my life, intimacy and pleasure were to please men. I had an unrealistic idea of what org*sm was like. I had no idea this was possible."


-Nini, San Francisco

tantra san francisco, intimacy coaching for couples, relationship coach, tantra coach for men, online tantra course
tantra san francisco, intimacy coaching for couples, relationship coach, tantra coach for men, online tantra course

"I have a spent a lifetime reacting in fight-or-flight mode to the demands of my work.


After doing these practices, I no longer respond that way.


This has shifted decades of habit in 2 weeks.


I now am able to hold boundaries, trust that things at the office will be okay and can wait, and respond when I'm ready, from a place of strength.

My sacred practice time gave me both a reason to set boundaries and the ability to keep holding them."


-Kelly, Los Angeles


Professional Bio


Jessica Gold, PhD, is an MIT-trained organic chemist, founder of Bliss Science, and your Tantric Scientist. After a successful 10-year career as an academic researcher in organic chemistry & neuroscience, she broke free of lab life to pursue experiments in consciousness & sacred sexuality (a different kind of ‘chemistry,’ you might say). 


As a scientist, Jessica was stuck in her head and cut off from her body, emotions, and intuition. She tried to 'logic' her way through relationships and life - which resulted in chronic fatigue and anxiety and terrible sex. 

tantra san francisco, intimacy coaching for couples, relationship coach, tantra coach for men, online tantra course

After years of numbing herself through overwork and drinking, she left her career and went on a journey to say 'yes' to what scared her. Discovering tantra for the first time brought her a spiritual and sexual awakening. She spent 4+ years in tantric communities in full-time study and practice, where she finally stopped overthinking everything by connecting with her body, welcoming the truth of her experience, and relaxing into her feminine power.


Now she works with CEOs, founders, and leaders in tech, science, and consulting. She has helped hundreds of men, women, and couples to have the passionate sex life and connected relationship they crave.


Jessica’s methodology comes from years of deep study in: parts work, sacred theater, narrative therapy, process work, meditation, breathwork, non-duality, neo- and classical tantra, attachment theory, trauma, and hatha yoga. 


Her professional credentials include certification by the International Coaching Federation at the PCC level, Layla Martin's Sex, Love, and Relationship coaching (VITA), and Process-Oriented Psychology with David Bedrick.


Make sure to sign up for instant access to the replay.

This is one of the big passions of my life (and yes it’s part of tantric practice), and I can’t wait to see you there.


Sign up now cause it’s free, after all. xx

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