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masculine power intimacy coaching tantra for men
▽ You deeply care about not hurting women.

▽ You’re determined not to perpetuate harm, and especially not sexual harm.

▽ You want to be sensitive to trauma that she might have.

So you’ve mastered showing up as kind, gentle, empathic.

And letting her lead.

But you still have a lot of sexual energy

You’re just not sure what to do with it.

▽ Your abilities to be physically strong, to fight, and to lead are dim memories buried under a heap of shame in a forgotten corner of your psyche.


▽ You definitely don’t want to come across as domineering, controlling, or forcing.


▽ But you’re also noticing the attraction dying.

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▽ You’ve read about polarity and possibly found it off-putting, too stereotypical, like a throwback to old confining gender roles.


▽ You want to be a powerful and sexual man, but you’re not sure how to do that, and worried you might cause harm if you get it wrong.


▽ And you can’t see how to invite your partner into relaxing a little, giving up some control, or following your lead.

Here’s the thing:

▽ I used to be a woman who wanted total gender equality in my relationship and who tried to control everything.

▽ What most men don’t get is that a lot of women do this
*because we believe that being feminine is shameful, weak, and powerless.*

▽ But once I had the chance to be in relationship with powerful-yet-respectful men and let go of control, everything in me was a ‘hell fucking yes’ to it.
Image by Kenny Eliason

▽ The new polarity that I teach is nothing like the dogmatic, patriarchy-in-spiritual-clothing approaches you may have read about.


▽ The truth is that many women crave your desire, and they are dying for you to seduce them.

That’s right!


▽  Your sexuality can be delicious and healing when offered in the way I’m going to teach you in this class.


▽ And, what’s more: your masculine power - your strength, your ability to hold her physically and emotionally - is so deeply nourishing and wanted.

intimacy coaching for couples, tantric relationship
So how can you show up in a way that honors your masculine gifts of strength and desire and doesn’t perpetuate harm?

Inquiring into this is nothing less than essential for the longevity of desire and connection in your relationship.

And for your success with women generally, if you’re dating.
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Free intensive

‘In-Demand Masculine Power’


Saturday Aug 20th
10:30 am - Noon PDT


Sign up now to come live or catch the replay for free.


After Aug 20th, the class will only be available for purchase on my website.

I can’t wait to explore this delicious and playful topic with you!


Jessica (Ananya) Gold, PhD:

Certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach


Hi. I'm your Tantric Scientist. I've helped hundreds of men - from schoolteachers to CEOs and executives in tech, finance, and consulting - to feel desired by their woman,  confident in and out of the bedroom, and skilled at communicating with women.

I got into this work because I had to make this leap myself - I was stuck in my head, disconnected from my body and emotions, and having terrible sex for YEARS. 


I spent 10 years working in lab as an organic chemist and neuroscientist - PhD, postdoctoral fellowship - teaching undergrad classes, presenting at international conferences, managing lab assistants - the whole thing. Objectivity reigned and subjective embodied experience was laughed at.
After experimenting with sex and alternative relationships in underground communities in San Francisco and at Burning Man, I decided there was more to life than pipettes and left my career to travel the world to say 'yes' to what scared me.
I spent 4+ years in tantric and spiritual communities in Asia, studying shadow work, kundalini, non-dual tantra, and more. I am PCC certified by the ICF, by VITA in Tantra and Men's Sexuality, and currently studying Process-Oriented Psychology.

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dr. jessica gold relationship coaching
intimacy coaching and tantra for men

“Before coaching with Jessica, I was struggling with embodying my sexual power.


Often, I was in doubt or mental judgment about myself and the moment, questioning my performance and not being fully present with the union in front of me.


I could feel the potential, but I often couldn’t find the alignment to show up in my full expression of power.

I emphatically recommend that you choose Jessica as your guide, and open yourself to her completely.


She will honor you and your journey, and you will know yourself better when you emerge.


Jeff, Austin

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