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How to be IRRESISTIBLE to your woman

  • Anchor in the 4 essential shifts to make her melt 

  • Simple changes you can implement right now

  • You'll wonder why no one told you this 20 years ago 

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Steve, Missouri

“I love your sessions and I think you are awesome, incredible. I find myself hanging on every word. Learned so much the last class. You very profoundly explain things in a way that even I can clearly understand.”
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Meet Dr Jessica

I am a PhD scientist and professionally-certified coach who spent 4+ years living in a tantric community - and the last 10 years obsessively studying sex, love, and relationships with the world's best teachers. 


I bring my lived experience to this work: my own divorce, 8 years traversing the minefield of modern dating, and building a sacred relationship with the partner of my dreams.

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