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how to spice your your marriage relationship coaching for couples
Are you ready for an evening of deeper connection and play together... from the comfort of your home?

For a limited time only... get my 3-hour couples intimacy workshop and neo-tantra massage course for 50% off (normally $445)!
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What the Intimacy Bundle Includes:


 3 hours of juicy connection practices for couples. 

(If you are single or your partner can’t make it, bring a friend and practice together!)

▽ Practices include:
Conscious touch 
Empathic communication
Energy play / neo-tantra

This is a pre-recorded video workshop and it is open to couples of all genders.


 This course includes:

Step-by-step video instructions on how to give this massage - for both male and female bodies

In-depth introductory videos on mindset, setup, and possible outcomes

These life-changing practices can bring:

  • Deep healing

  • New pathways to pleasure and orgasm

  • A sense of the sacred

Step out of habitual ways of relating to each other... and introduce the extraordinary.

That sense of adventure you miss? Yeah, it’s here.

how to spice your your marriage relationship coaching for couples

"Jessica is a fabulous facilitator with so much to offer those desiring to expand and amplify their sexual potential. Her extensive background has her poised with new tools and wisdom downloads to offer. Highly recommend working with her."


Steven, Vancouver

“I really enjoyed your extremely knowledgeable lectures, your positive energy and insight, empathy and the feeling you truly were there to help with anyone's issues with compassion and love. You have kind of a zen presence of someone that exudes wisdom beyond their physical time on the planet.”


Brent, New York

how to spice your your marriage relationship coaching for couples

Life's too short to have boring, stuck-in-your-head sex. Bring on the deep listening, heart connection, wild abandon, and easy pleasure - free from pressure to 'perform'

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