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how to please a woman in bed
You have skills as a lover.
 You know how to please a woman.
 But you’re tired of sex being the same.
 Honestly you’re getting a little bit bored.
 And wondering how to take this deeper.
How would you like to:

▽ Get out of your head once and for all.


Taste the ‘bliss’ of sex beyond the ordinary.


Know what sacred sex is and how to lead a partner into it.


Feel full-body pleasure and deep connection.

In this Lab Intensive, we will experiment with:

Moving from performing to pleasure to the sacred in sex

Choosing specific energies to work with

Opening to new ways of feeling pleasure

Intentionally choosing where you put your focus during sex

Sex outside of the box 

Developing a tantric mentality and which it’s so crucial to sacred sex

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Having the ability to choose what we do with our focus and energy helps us get out of shame, anxiety, and self-consciousness in sex - and make it the fun, connecting, enlivening, and even mind-blowing experience that we know it can be!


The goal is to help you feel more confident overall and to be more skilled at making sex both more fun and deeper for you and your partner(s).


This class is geared toward men but all genders are welcome.


Jessica (Ananya) Gold, PhD:

Certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach


Hi. I'm your Tantric Scientist. I've helped hundreds of men - from schoolteachers to CEOs and executives in tech, finance, and consulting - to feel desired by their woman,  confident in and out of the bedroom, and skilled at communicating with women.

I got into this work because I had to make this leap myself - I was stuck in my head, disconnected from my body and emotions, and having terrible sex for YEARS. 


I spent 10 years working in lab as an organic chemist and neuroscientist - PhD, postdoctoral fellowship - teaching undergrad classes, presenting at international conferences, managing lab assistants - the whole thing. Objectivity reigned and subjective embodied experience was laughed at.
After experimenting with sex and alternative relationships in underground communities in San Francisco and at Burning Man, I decided there was more to life than pipettes and left my career to travel the world to say 'yes' to what scared me.
I spent 4+ years in tantric and spiritual communities in Asia, studying shadow work, kundalini, non-dual tantra, and more. I am PCC certified by the ICF, by VITA in Tantra and Men's Sexuality, and currently studying Process-Oriented Psychology.

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dr. jessica gold san francisco tantra teacher
intimacy coaching and tantra for men

It was a wonderful class especially knowing and really feeling the magnitude of Jessica's journey to becoming the very knowledgeable and blissful sex/intimacy leader that she clearly embodies.


I really got how important it is to have standards if I want to have healing quality connection and sex with another.


Thank you for having the courage and wisdom to escape your conditioning and become a such a knowledgeable guide and a beautiful light in the world that gives me some hope."


~Brent, Oakland

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