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relationship coaching for couples san francisco

Give your woman what she really wants...

The 3 Essentials for Creating an Experience She’ll Be Begging You For Again and Again

In this ‘Hot Bliss Date Night’ online class for men, I’ll guide you through setting up the best date night you’ve ever had right on the call - so you can bring this bliss to your relationship ASAP.

Dr. Jessica Gold relationship coaching

Keeping the hot passion alive in your relationship doesn’t happen automatically…


And it won’t be a priority in your partnership if you don’t make it one.


Most of us (myself included) were not taught to value pleasure or how to tend the fires of deep connection…

Instead, we take our relationship for granted, and everything else (kids, work, family, social obligations) comes FIRST -


Men tell me they end up feeling like they’re ‘last on the list’. This is a recipe for relational disaster (and a bone-dry intimacy desert, to say the least!)


Fortunately, creating fun and hot date nights is actually a creative challenge that most men love, once they give themselves permission to focus on it and know the essential components.


Hi, I’m Jessica Gold, PhD

Your Tantric Scientist


After leaving my career as a scientist because I was stuck in my head, drinking too much, and lacking in depth and pleasure in my marriage, I spent a year traveling the world and saying ‘yes’ to what scared me.


I ended up spending 4 years in full-time study and practice in a tantric community - where we had some intimate experiences that delightfully check-mated the mind.


Now, my old classmates from MIT tell me I’m the only tantric practitioner they trust - because they know I respect science, even while being a total tantra nerd.


In my wild tantric adventures, I learned a new paradigm for date night that turned everything I knew upside down. And I’m here to teach you that exact method today.

intimacy coaching for couples

Let’s face it: the same tired old routine of drinks, dinner, movie, and then tired intimacy on a full stomach is just…..well, tired.

It’s obvious, it’s stressful (is she gonna say yes later? -  you’re wondering the whooooole time), and it kinda feels like bribery (gross).

If the passion has died (or you just want to do something besides the same.old.thing), and you’re longing to feel desired by her again…

The way to do this is by creating that delicious *frisson* (that’s French for ‘delightful shiver’) of aliveness - together.

Think: expansive adventure instead of expensive food (which, let’s face it, isn’t great for creative intimacy).


And when you do this the tantric way, you’ll be surprised how it turns everything you knew about date night on its head (tantric practitioners were infamous for their antinomian antics).


Want to know how to design your Hot Date Bliss Night?


I’ve helped hundreds of men rekindle passion in their partnerships, regain confidence as lovers, get their game back after divorce, and become irresistible to women (whether you’re single or in a relationship) - and I LOVE getting to go deep with you.

Watch a free clip:

san francisco tantra for man

""Jessica is a fabulous facilitator with so much to offer those desiring to expand and amplify their sexual potential. Her extensive background has her poised with new tools and wisdom downloads to offer. Highly recommend working with her."


-Steven, Vancouver

In this class you’ll discover:

1. What she really wants - what would make her gasp in delight


2. Your action plan for executing a bold date night - what to do when, and how to feel confident doing it


3. How exactly to set up your space for hot bliss - most men tell me they don’t think of these things

This class isn’t about giving you lots of information…that then never sees the light of day again from under your desk files…


I will be helping you make a plan right there on the call for how to make Hot Bliss Date Night a reality.


You’ll walk away from this class with: more confidence and a fresh new take on date nights - so you can get out of the endless cycle of trying the same old things and getting rejected.


Ready to plan your date night? (and YES, this is for BOTH men in relationship and men who are single and dating)

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“Before coaching with Jessica, I was struggling with embodying my sexual power.


Often, I was in doubt or mental judgment about myself and the moment, questioning my performance and not being fully present with the union in front of me.


I could feel the potential, but I often couldn’t find the alignment to show up in my full expression of power. ​


I emphatically recommend that you choose Jessica as your guide, and open yourself to her completely. She will honor you and your journey, and you will know yourself better when you emerge.”

- Jeff, Austin

passionate relationships for powerful men

Say YES to the deep connection and passionate intimacy you’ve been longing for.


Let me show you how!

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