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"The reason I offer Tantra is because I found the practices at once grounded and revolutionary, profound yet accessible, and quickly transformative in a way that was unmatched by years of therapy and other explorations in my life."


Ananya Jessica

Tantra is a spiritual philosophy that was revolutionary in its time for its embrace of all aspects of life as manifestations of the divine (and what exactly is meant by this word will be discussed on my blog). A unique characteristic of classical Tantra is that its practices were aimed at two goals: spiritual liberation AND worldly enjoyment, prosperity and pleasure.

The tantrics were the psychologists and scientists of their time - they were curious about the nature of mind, body, and emotions and developed deep wisdom about how our physical reality can actually help us to awaken. Instead of shaming and repressing, they cultivated a deeper intimacy with reality. Tantric practice is a sometimes quiet, sometimes ecstatic turning within with love to connect with the mysteries of the universe. This vision was quite different from prior systems of thought that regarded the material world as a distraction. 

The integrative nature of tantric practice led to a re-evaluation of the role of the body, women, and sex. A subset of ancient tantrics did perform ritual sexual practices, although these were only a small part of the path. It was these practices that received the most attention from outsiders, and, through complicated historical circumstances, a thread was woven that resulted in the sexual neo-tantric practices that most people associate with tantra today. (The rest of tantric practice survived, in highly truncated form, as Hatha Yoga).

I am a rare practitioner who is trained in both neo and classical Tantra. My teachings are grounded in a broader and deeper understanding of the philosophical system that underlies tantric practice. 

Both classical practice and neo-tantra have beautiful, useful aspects that are relevant to sex, love, and relationship coaching. In my practice, I have integrated tantric wisdom with modern teachings on communication, ego-work, and emotional intelligence to bring light to our sexual shadow and healing on a level that is relevant to the particular challenges of our era. 



Love yourself,

Get what you really want,

and Thrive!

PhD Scientist and Tantra Geek Ananya Jessica combines ancient wisdom 

with modern methods from psychology and science for an unparalleled 

coaching experience. Are you ready?

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