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1 on 1 Feedback:

My time with Jessica was beyond anything I expected. Her combination of smarts with non-judgmental presence had me talking about aspects of my life that I had never imagined discussing with anyone. Every week I looked forward to our sessions. The insights I received were real and lasting. Highly recommended!"


R.S., Los Angeles

"This experience has been so transforming for me.


I have learned so much in the last eight weeks, tools that I can use for a lifetime. I have been struggling with childhood abuse that has carried on into my adulthood and has affected my adult relationships.


I have learned how to care for and love myself and how to be kind to myself.


I have discovered that it is OK to have boundaries and to lean back and let others take control.


My relationships have been a disaster up until now, but I am finally in a healthy relationship, and I am truly enjoying the peace and ease that comes with it.


Also, prior to starting the sessions I was having night terrors almost nightly most of my life.


These sessions have taught me that rather than struggle and fight the night terrors when they would come on to face them with curiosity and love."


S.B., Saskatchewan


I am a mental health professional and meditation teacher with over 30 years of professional experience.


I have been in psychoanalysis, gestalt therapy, practiced various forms of meditation and yoga, and I have used Ayahuasca repeatedly.


Dr. Jessica Harvey has tied it all together and has opened up doorways that I didn't know existed. She has helped me integrate my sexual abuse, my rage and shame, and has helped my realize my true self and inherent sexuality.


I feel more integrated and fully present and whole than at any other point. I am responding in a more genuine manner with both men and women.


I am no longer afraid of my sexuality and I am no longer needlessly being "nice" with unspoken expectations.


I have a lot more work to go, but one of the many things that I love about Dr. Jessica is that she is fierce and fearless in standing with me on this journey. 


Michael, Seattle

Senior Man
"I used to be fearful of women, and this work with Jessica gave me the confidence and enjoyment which led me to find the ideal partner I am with now"
"Jessica's science background is so helpful for head driven people, who are initially less in touch with their feelings [...]"
"I loved the communication exercises, that is HUGE in a relationship"

"Jessica is an incredible coach. She is deeply insightful and is one the most compassionate souls I’ve encountered on this journey. Her scientific background, coupled with her coaching credentials and continuous self-study make her a well-rounded coach with an effective approach to helping men overcome the obstacles in their life.


She is one of a kind and I strongly recommend her for men looking to realize their best self"

R.O., Canada

Male Portrait
Happy Man

“We shed tons of light on the things I didn’t know I didn’t know. I really appreciated all of your follow up's and how thorough you were, and all of your amazing recordings. My google album that I created of your work has almost 200 listens so far ;)


I would say you bring a level of knowledge far superior than most in the field that I've spoken with, and that added context has been really helpful. That gives you a deep and wide toolbox to draw from. You also bring an incredible empathy and nurturing that allows clients to feel safe and held during hard times.”


-Kevin, San Francisco 

Happy Man

[Y]ou are clear, approachable, down-to-earth and believable. And you offer discussion of a sensitive topic without judgement.


There is a sense of lived experience, and what seems to be a desire to genuinely serve others through your experience and research. Both scientific, and personal. Spoken with a personal touch. All done without some sort of unwholesome prurient kind of appeal.


It's probably some combination of your personal relaxed-ness and familiarity with the topic--and your generation's as well. Not an easy subject to do with dignity, factual rigor, lightness and non-threatening good humor.


Sexuality, and male sexuality, is still a rather prickly subject (pun slightly intended). You seem to manage that balance.  Kudos! 


-Mark, San Francisco

What the participants of my group coaching have to say:

“This course really helped to deal with [my] relationship - to improve the communication, to improve the honesty, the willingness to speak my truth, and for her too. I modeled it and then she opened up too…I don’t even know the words to tell you how much I recommend taking this course and working with Jessica.”

-Bob, Connecticut


“The LSC course was powerful and yet gentle relearning of self and how to be in relationship with all parts of self and then expanding that to others, specifically women. The guided exercises were potent and transformative. Ananya's ability to embody mind, body, and spirit while teaching and modelling possible paths was the ongoing highlight of the program. Having recorded lessons to review is also super helpful.”

-Sri, Canada


"I was curious about tantra, and signed up for the course in hopes to learn more about that teaching. I was very impressed with the material presentation, and the practices. And I greatly appreciated the safe space of the men's group that were doing the course with me. As the course went along, I found that I was learning a lot of information and practices that are generally applicable to life and relationships. I found them very useful, and helpful in and outside of relationship with my partner. One of the core ideas that stuck with me is the necessity of being an integrated man in order to be happy. Only by embracing my full self, and accepting myself as I am can I become happy. I would recommend the course for anyone who's curious about improving their relationships, their sex lives, and their overall psychological well-being"

-Peter, California 


“I entered this program seeking help to break out of a routine of hesitancy in communication with my partner that had to do with emotions and feelings of inadequacy due to physical issues that affected my confidence sexually as well as an overall outlook on life. This course was a very valuable way to create a direction towards that purpose. Dr. Harvey has an amazing sense of insight, wisdom, compassion, and knowledge in all aspects of this unique program she has created, and she does it in a way that is both fun, thought provoking, and engaging. The intellectual playfulness that she has is truly inspirational.”

-Brent, New York


“I am a 71 year old man, married 41 years, who discovered tantra and a whole new world of pleasure, joy, acceptance and more with the help of Jessica. I have been to many tantra teachers, attended tantra workshops and courses. None can compare to Ananya and this course. 


As a teacher she is a model of effectiveness—enthusiastic, engaged, prepared, informed, and passionate


I came in suffering from low self- esteem, started in childhood with an abusive alcoholic father. Through this course, I realized I am not broken and in need of fixing, but instead am lovable just as I am. 


My enjoyment of sex—both solo and partnered, has been enhanced beyond the simple physical pleasure. It has become spiritual, joyful, and energizing. It has impacted every aspect of every day, infusing joy and love where it never existed before.


This course has taught me so much about my relationship and helped in so many ways. I learned more about women and their biological and emotional makeup. I wish I knew all that Jessica taught us 30 years ago.


My marriage has opened up—our communication and sharing have improved like never before, and that at a time when my wife struggles mightily with her health. 


Instead of dealing with anger and my emotions, I used to shove them down, only to explode. Ananya helped me draw out, acknowledge, address and handle my dark side, my shadow. 


When I now call my emotions up, say hello, and address them, they seem much more able to be handled. I even verbalize them now, to myself or my wife.


Some men may question the value of such an investment of time and money. To be honest, this course has value that goes far beyond the financial investment. It has been life-changing.


My entire approach to life, to every single day to my relationship (and to how I interact with women—and even men—in general) has been enhanced, made much more positive and accepting, joyful and energized.


My advice is to take this course, you owe it to yourself, your life, and your relationships. You will rejoice throughout the experience.”


Bob, Connecticut


“Q. What were you struggling with in love, sex, and confidence before the program? 

  1. I was struggling in confidence and love. 

Q. What were the most valuable things you learned from the LSC program? 

  1. I have learned I need to have daily or weekly practice of doing embodiment practices. It would help me to not always be stuck in the thinking mind. 

Q. How do you feel about yourself and your life now? 

  1. I feel that I have a lot of fantastic tools now that I can incorporate into my life. “


Stephen, New Jersey


“I really enjoyed your extremely knowledgeable lectures, your positive energy and insight, empathy  and the feeling you truly were there to help with anyone's issues with compassion and love. You have kind of a zen presence of someone that exudes wisdom beyond their physical time on the planet. The way the course was organized sequentially was great, and logically transitioned into each week's categories with a strong foundation perfectly.”

-Brent, New York

"Im really grateful for this program, i recommend it for anyone who wants to improve the way they show up as a man [...]"
"You really blew my mind with several of the different ways to engage with women [...]"

Feel Desired By Your Woman - Be Confident in Sex - Succeed in Dating

 Scientist and Tantra Nerd Dr. Jessica Harvey inspires thoughtful men, women, and couples to awaken from frustration and shutdown into a life of freedom, power, and love.

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