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To feel more confident?

To better understand your sexuality?

To feel closer to your partner?

To have next level sex?

To be free from sexual shame?

The tantriks were interested in investigating the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and the nature of our lives. they used both contemplative and ecstatic practices, including a revolutionary focus on the body. both intellectual understanding - discernment- and subjective embodied experience were important to the tantriks.


so, in the tantric version of science, our own selves are the focus of our experiments. and the tools we use include our entire lived experience – our emotions, thoughts, physical sensations.


I was inspired when I learned that the way the tantric yogis of long ago were trying to understand human behavior is mirrored by therapeutic practices today.


With tantric science, I aim to be true to a more grounded understanding of the beauty of this ancient tradition while making its practices accessible to anyone curious about who they are and why they do what they do.  


“Tāntrikas must not fear pain or intense feeling of any kind or think it ungodly, or they cut themselves off from a huge source of life-energy. Tāntrikas are sometimes called vīras, “heroes” or “adepts,” because it takes heroic courage to look clearly at our pain and not push it away, saying, “That’s not me,” but rather embrace its power. All emotions are energy, and all energy (śakti) can empower us.”


PHD Chemist and Tantric Expert Ananya Jessica has studied and taught

BOTH the scientific and spiritual sides of sex and relationship,

to offer holistic, LIFE-CHANGING wisdom for a satisfying sex and love life!

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