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how to please a woman in bed
Most of us intuitively know something deeper and more profound is possible during sex,
but it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly

what that is.
 The Tantric & Taoist traditions have an answer to that: Sexual Energy Mastery.

This is where pleasure and orgasm become a potent spiritual practice as well as a path of self-mastery.

Very few things in life are more satisfying than profound sexual confidence.

With these practices, irrespective of your partner's wild, passionate, animistic fury, or soft loving devotional energy, you are in complete control of your ejaculation response.

We are here to bring you a practical approach to this mastery that combines a modern understanding with inspired spiritual wisdom.

Our sexual vitality, mastery, and confidence influence every area of our life: 


  • Self-worth and emotional health

  • Physical health

  • Beliefs about sex / mindset,

  • Relationship health, and

  • our Relationship to spirituality 


Retention Mastery is much more than focus, breathing, sounding, and pelvic floor muscles (although these matter too!).


Retention Mastery teaches us a new way of being with our mind, heart, body, and spirit. A new way that amplifies passion, pleasure, power, purpose, and presence - The 5 P’s of Sacred Intimacy (According to Steven Roland).


We believe this is a journey EVERY man should undertake at some point in his life.

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Take a moment and imagine this:

You and your partner are making love, except this time it’s different.


You feel powerful, confident, centered, and have your ejaculation response completely under control 

The urge to ejaculate arises, and you hold it with ease.

The pleasure expands throughout your body as your love making intensifies. The urge to ejaculate comes and goes, again and again...

But you know exactly what to do as each ejaculative urge becomes more pleasurable:


You expertly breathe the sexual energy in, up, around, and through your body. Your whole body becomes the orgasmic vessel, rather than your genitals. 

Lighting strikes up your spine with orgasmic power, expanding your passion, vitality, and pleasure.

As your system expands with more and more orgasmic energy, harnessed through your skill rather than leaked out through an external ejaculation, you are able to ravish your lover with a force they have only ever dreamed of.

It’s like a Sex God is making love to her, sent from the heavens to remind her of her sexual potential that no other lover has been able to guide her to.

After 2 hours (or longer) of passionate, connected love making, your partner has been fucked into a puddle and quivers in the afterglow, unable to find words.

She looks at you with adoration, awe, and devotion. 

You go to sleep feeling the most sexual fulfillment you’ve ever tasted.

It didn’t even cross your mind to ejaculate, but you might choose to the next time - as a special occasion, rather than something expected or taken for granted.

With Neo-Tantric and Taoist retention practices, this can be you every night.

We know you may be thinking:

“But I’ve struggled with early ejaculation for years and nothing has worked, is this really possible for me?”


“But it seems impossible not to finish too soon when she goes wild and orgasms - can you help with that?”


“My partner expects me to ejaculate and worries I’m not attracted to her if she can’t make me ‘finish’ - how do I get her on board with this practice?”


“But I love the pleasure of ejaculating, do I have to give that up?”

Image by Taylor Deas-Melesh
We've got you covered.

 Ejaculating only when you deliberately choose to is definitely possible, we see it happen all the time. Your progress depends on how badly you wan to be a masterful lover. It takes commitment and consistency - mentally, physically, and relationally.

 Full-body, non-ejaculatory orgasms for men are definitely possible, and we’ve seen hundreds of men achieve them. The time frame varies because this journey touches every aspect of your life: physical, emotional, relational, spiritual…

 Yes, you can get your partner on board, and we’ll tell you how.

 You can still ejaculate, you do not have to give it up if you don’t want to. We will support you in finding an ejaculation rhythm that feels right for your system. It’s also worth mentioning that not ejaculating and experiencing full-body orgasms is also quite satisfying, so either way you win!

Meet Your Teachers:


Jessica's story:

Jessica was one of those women who based her self-worth on being able to ‘perform’ and make her man ‘finish’. She didn’t like sex very much, either, and she liked having a defininte end point, so all she had to do was tolerate it long enough for him to finish.

This all changed when she spent 4+ years in a tantric community and had the chance to experience sex with men who had a practice of retention and non-ejaculatory orgasm (which actually helped catalyze her sexual awakening).


Being fucked into a puddle on the regular was nothing short of life-changing - she felt powerful and alive like never before.


And she couldn’t believe how much fun it was to help her lovers train their retention and have more full-bodied pleasure.


Now, the idea of sex with a man who doesn’t bring awareness and skill to working with his turn-on level…well, she’d rather stay in and read a book.

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master the art of relating to woman with Dr. Jessica Gold

Steven's story:

Steven experienced his first premature ejaculation experience when he was 18 years old, it was mortifying, embarrassing, and devastating. It was made slightly more

bearable by how sweet his partner was. She seemed like a total expert on how to handle this situation, it was if she had dealt with it before…. Needless to say, this is where this relationship ended.

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tantric intimacy coaching for men

A few years later it happened again. Steven was enjoying tender lovemaking with a new partner when the urge to ejaculate came on strong, only a minute into the occasion. As his parter detected what was happening she cried “NO! NO! Stop! Slow down!” Due to being past the point of no return Steven cries “I can’t! It’s too late!”... And he ejaculates…. To which his partner responds with a sigh of sheer disappointment “Agghhhhhh…. You’re such a guy!”


This was a pivotal moment as it sparked a curiosity as to why the sexual and orgasmic potential for men and women is so drastically different. This deep, holy longing for answers boomeranged back in the form of ejaculation retention teachings.


With devotion and commitment to learning the ways of Sacred Sexuality, it took Steven a mere three weeks of practicing to start to notice a difference in his sexual capacity. Now almost a decade and a half later, Steven confidently walks into the bedroom knowing that with an application of skill and intention, his ejaculation happens by his choice and not an involuntary reflex.

Retention Mastery for Men


Our signature course for developing ejaculation choice, full-body pleasure, and the sexual prowess that women are craving from you.


This journey is designed for heart-centered men who want to have great sex without performance anxiety and want to unlock their full sexual potential.


This program combines a unique male and female perspective from Steven and Jessica, who have been living,  studying, and embodying these practices for years.

If you’re looking to feel free from worry about whether or not your body is going to cooperate, and to be able to go deeper with your woman -


So that you experience the mysteries of blissful sex and union that you’ve heard about but never quite knew how to access,


then this program is for you. It will give you the foundations you need - from neo-tantra, hatha yoga, taoism, and other esoteric sex practices - to catapult your experience of pleasure and sex to the next level.

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Details & Investment:

8 Weekly Live Group Calls with both facilitators

Wednesdays, 5:30-7pm Pacific time


Starts Oct 4

Ends Nov 29


Your investment is $1111 for the 8 weeks.

Regular and extended Payment Plans available.  

You’ll walk away with:


▽ Sexual practices that improve your sex life forever


▽ New friendships and relationships with like minded humans


 1 Year Subscription To Relationflix, the video platform specializing in relationship and sexuality education (valued at $197).


▽ Access to class recordings for 1 year after the course is over

executive intimacy coaching for successful men in tech

"In all honestly, I can’t tell you enough how profoundly it changed my life to have lovers who knew these practices.


It meant we got to explore pleasure together in a pressure-free, playful space and address any shame or relational walls standing in the way of deepest intimacy - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


I’m IN!"

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