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Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm an MIT-trained organic chemist, Certified Intimacy and Relationship Coach, and

your Tantric Scientist.


I made this class for you from my own experience of transformation


from lacking pleasure and being really self-conscious during intimacy...


to having a super hot and connected relationship. 


 You get free access right away when you click below.


These practices changed my life. 

Does this sound familiar? 

 You’re determined to have a beautiful relationship


 But, let’s face it - you just don’t have the desire he has


 And you often just don't feel great in your body

 He reassures you but it doesn’t take away that nagging       doubt in your bones


 You’re longing to feel held - both during intimacy and           in day-to-day life


 You’re ready to do SOMETHING - that doesn’t take            much time - to shift how you’re feeling


So you can walk through your bedroom, radiant and confident...


Feeling fantastic in your body, welcoming that *frisson* of delicious turn-on energy...


And bringing that sense of play and sweetness back between the two of you.

This class is for you whether you're single or partnered.

(And if you’re single and excited to call in an amazing partner - this class is for you too).

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In this FREE class


(I like to call it an experimental laboratory, as a hat tip to my science background ;) )


 You are invited to a PRACTICE (yep, it’s not 1.5 hours of talking, ugh)

     that will help you re-connect with play and pleasure...


 in a way that could fundamentally shift your relationship to your         body and to intimacy.


Get instant access to the class for FREE!

Be ready to PRACTICE - be in a comfortable space where you can lie down, make noise, and be free and wild.

At the end, I’ll be talking about my upcoming Women’s Intimacy and Relationship Mastermind, too.

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When a client had a new experience of org@sm recently, she said, "It had nothing at all to do with my [usual pleasure pathway]," she said "in fact, I wasn't even touching myself at all after the beginning. It just kept going.....So much of my life, intimacy and pleasure were to please men. I had an unrealistic idea of what org*sm was like. I had no idea this was possible."


-Nini, San Francisco

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"I have a spent a lifetime reacting in fight-or-flight mode to the demands of my work.


After doing these practices, I no longer respond that way.


This has shifted decades of habit in 2 weeks.


I now am able to hold boundaries, trust that things at the office will be okay and can wait, and respond when I'm ready, from a place of strength.

My sacred practice time gave me both a reason to set boundaries and the ability to keep holding them."


-Kelly, Los Angeles


Professional Bio

Hi there. I'm an MIT-trained organic chemist,

founder of Bliss Science, and your Tantric Scientist.


After a successful 10-year career as an academic researcher in organic chemistry & neuroscience, I broke free of lab life to pursue experiments in consciousness & sacred intimacy (a different kind of ‘chemistry,’ you might say). 


As a scientist, I was stuck in my head and cut off from my body, emotions, and intuition. I tried to 'logic' my way through relationships and life - which resulted in chronic fatigue and anxiety and terrible intimate encounters. That sure as hell didn't work!


So I left my career and went on a journey to say 'yes' to what scared me. Discovering tantra for the first time was like a lightning bolt that jarred me awake in ways I never expected. I then spent 4+ years in tantric communities, finally stopped overthinking everything, and embraced my feminine power and pleasure. 


Now I work with other nerds and scientists like me, as well as CEOs and leaders who are ready to connect with their body and heart. I have helped hundreds of men, women, and couples to have the passionate intimate life and connected relationship they crave.


My coaching methodology draws from parts work, sacred theater, narrative therapy, process work, meditation, breathwork, non-duality, neo- and classical tantra, attachment theory, trauma, and hatha yoga. 


My professional credentials include certification by the International Coaching Federation at the PCC level, Layla Martin's VITA coaching, and Process-Oriented Psychology with David Bedrick.

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