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What do women want from a man

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

I get this question frequently from my clients.

Asking this question is the problem itself.

Women are not a monolithic entity.

Asking this question betrays a certain desperation to be attractive to "any woman".

It comes from a disempowered space.

And this is a surefire way to kill attraction.

The better question is: “what does my ideal woman want from a partner?”

In trying to please “any woman”, you will appeal to no woman.

So first, ask yourself - what is your ideal partner like?

What are her desires, sexually, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually?

Importantly, how do you want to FEEL in her presence?

What would it be like taking care of crying children together or standing in line at airport security?

And then ask: what kind of man would THAT woman want?

What kind of man can truly meet your ideal woman’s desires?

Are you that man? And if not, what changes might you make in your life to become him?

When you do this, you are in a powerful position rather than a needy one.

You become an invitation for the right woman to meet you in your power.

This can be hard for a lot of men because it might mean less attention.

But if you’re confident in who you are, you don’t need endless attention from women to validate your existence. And you don’t waste time in toxic or misaligned relationships.

The attention you do get becomes from women who actually measure up to the standards you set.

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