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How male desire can be a force for good

The men that I work with have often suppressed their desire and their power.

They’ve been told their sexual energy is unwelcome.

And that their masculine power is harmful.

While it’s true that entitled male sexual desire is harmful and no longer welcome

and that the automatic domination of male voices, perspective, and bodies is also no longer welcome,

It doesn’t mean that desire and power in and of themselves are harmful and unwelcome.

When you as a man do not offer your primal power in sex and intimate relationship, attraction dies.

Even more, when you deny your true desire and your anger, you come across as untrustworthy.

Because the body still conveys that something powerful is being surpressed.

And when this felt energy in the body is at odds with how you present in the world, women can feel an incongruence - a lack of alignment between body and mind.

At best women won’t feel safe in your presence (which means they won’t want to open sexually), and at worst they will also lose respect for you (and the relationship devolves into criticism and hostility).

In a healthy, mutually respectful relationship, there is something so deeply nourishing to the female soul about feeling your masculine power and your desire.

When I’ve been in groups of women doing conscious sexuality work, whenever the teacher asks ‘who here secretly wants to be taken and ravished by their man?’, 95% of women raise their hand.

There is something irresistibly delicious about wisely-expressed masculine power and desire.

There are themes in our collective subconscious about how men and women have interacted for millenia that create so much passion when engaged with intentionally.

But many men are afraid of accessing their primal power - their desire and their raw strength.

On the tantric path, I teach you to engage with these strong energies so that you neither suppress them nor succomb to them.

You can change your life with the realization that you no longer need to ‘tamp down’ this power in you - and that instead you can use it to fill yourself with aliveness and as a force for good in the world and your relationships.

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