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▽ Build a relationship founded on mutual love & respect,
▽ Become irresistible to your woman (if in partnership),
▽ Attract a woman who meets you on every level (if dating), and
▽ Have confident, embodied, blissful sex that leaves her begging for more.
Through personally tailored, high-level 1:1 coaching over 4-6 months.

For Men in Partnership

This is for you if:

  • You're a driven, successful man who loves women and cares deeply about your family.

  • You're ready to be as successful in intimacy as you are in business, and you want the best.

  • You're committed to doing whatever it takes to be the best husband and lover.

  • You know you have so much to offer your partner, as a man and as a lover, and you want to give your love in a way that makes her happy.

  • You've tried therapy or coaching before and you are also familiar with meditation or spiritual practice.

  • You're dedicated to putting in the time it takes to shift deep-seated habits and beliefs.


For Single Men

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to attract the woman who deeply meets you on every level: sexually, spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally.

  • You are talented, successful, smart - and open to receiving feedback and willing to grow.

  • You want an authentic, heart-centered relationship where you are free to be yourself.

  • You are looking to work with a coach who embodies the qualities of a woman you might like to date and who can reflect to you blind spots around how you're showing up.

  • You're dedicated to putting in the time it takes to shift deep-seated habits and beliefs.

  • You've tried therapy or coaching before and you are also familiar with meditation or spiritual practice.

“I’m noticing a shift in being attractive and women responding to me.

I’m consciously aware and sending out signals as a sexual being and receiving reciprocity. I feel whole.”  - James, Portland


man 7

“You’re 110% worth it, and I’m recommending the hell out of you!”


- Jeff, Oakland



By the way, in the video further on down the page, you can watch me in an actual coaching session to get a taste of how I work.





As a PhD scientist, I spent a lot of time stuck in my head and trying to 'logic' my way through life and relationships.

Studying organic chemistry, I received exactly zero education around healthy relationships, effective communication, or sex and pleasure.

This led to codependent relationships, anxious-avoidant attachment dynamics, communication based on defensiveness and blame, and anxious, performative sex carried out after too much drinking, lacking real connection and pleasure.

When it comes to bad relationships and sex, I've been in the trenches.

Since my divorce, I've spent 8 years exploring sex, dating, and tantra. 


I walked away from my 10-year scientific career and ended up studying full-time in a tantric community.

While there, I had a sexual and spiritual awakening that taught me to savor life fully.


I felt confident, powerful, and turned-on - and it wasn't through logic, but through the body, surrender to the unknown, and conscious pleasure practices that I achieved this.

I went on to be certified in 4 different types of coaching (studying each modality for a full 12 months) and founded my business.

Can I be REAL with you?

Over the past 8 years I've seen the quiet desperation, anxiety and longing of hundreds of men.

Scenarios like these:


▽ You’ve spent years (or decades) barely having sex, and you’re aching to feel desired by your partner.


▽ You bend over backward to make her happy, secretly hoping she’ll ‘reward’ you with sex - but nothing works.

▽ You feel like less of a man because she never initiates


▽ You’re frustrated because sex is always at the bottom of her list (or not even on it) - and you're living like roommates

Or, if you're single and dating:

▽ You don’t feel welcome as a sexual being anymore and you're wondering if having desire is even acceptable


▽ Women rarely answer your messages on dating apps and you’re frustrated and overthinking the whole texting game


▽ You’re stuck in your head during sex and worried that if you finish too soon or don’t get hard then potential partners will reject you


▽ You want to get out of patterns of attracting toxic, emotionally unstable, or unavailable women.

I've seen men stuck in these scenarios for years and even decades. 

Imagine instead...

You feel your skin tingle with excitement when you see your woman as you come home after work.


Your heart melts as she smiles at you.


You walk with total confidence to sweep her in your arms, and she makes that little moan you love. 

"I can't wait to be alone with you later," she whispers.


jessica the best gift a man ever gave me.jpg

My 'Tantric Scientist in Your Back Pocket' program for men is based on my work with hundreds of men. 

My clients are CEOs, Investors & Founders in tech, science, and consulting.

They are husbands and fathers who are taking a stand for lifelong passion in their marriage, or single men whose top priority is to find a partner who can meet them on every level.

They are men who realized that life without pleasure and connection is not a life they are willing to settle for.


They are also men who want to explore uncharted realms of sexuality.


"It is so comfortable sharing with Jessica, laughing, digging deep into myself in an honest way, then letting her help me find more enjoyment and blissful feelings than I ever experienced. She has helped me deal successfully with being in a 40-year marriage with differing sexual needs, and both of us growing older. She helped me grapple with an abusive childhood and resulting low self-esteem."


-Bob, New York


Jessica is an incredible coach, she is deeply insightful and is one the most compassionate souls I’ve encountered on this journey. 


Her scientific background, coupled with her coaching credentials and continuous self- study make her a well-rounded coach with an effective approach to helping men overcome the obstacles in their life. 


She is one of a kind and I strongly recommend her for men looking to realize their best self”  

- R.O., Canada



Here's How I Can Help You

Somatic practices to transform deeply ingrained patterns from the bottom-up - instead of endless talking.

Courageous, targeted work focussing on sexuality, shadow material, and your real emotions, from a practitioner who's had her own sexual awakening.

Support for your secret vision of what you truly desire in sex and relating - that you maybe never dared to speak before. A non-judgmental space to speak your raw desires. 

Honest feedback about how you're coming across to me as a woman - from a non-shaming place.

▽ Consistent practice over time, with accountability - to give you new reflexes, new skills, and more freedom in relating, communicating, and making love.

▽ High quality knowledge and information to satisfy your curious (or skeptical!) mind. Think of these 6 months like a research project (with a PhD-level tantric scientist)


“One of the many things that I love about Dr. Harvey is that she is fierce and fearless in standing with me on this journey”  

- Michael, Seattle


“I’m incredibly happy with you. You’re talented, smart, you’re a great communicator. You got me in touch with parts of myself that I’ve been repressing for 20 years“.  

- Sam, Miami



What you get:


▽ 12 sessions over 4 months. 3 sessions/month.

Access to my online library of mini-courses, including: Neo-tantra massage, Primal Ritual, and Sexual Confidence Training

Access to my 100+ videos on all things sex, shadow, attachment, neo-tantra, communication, understanding women, and more...

▽ Tailor-made recorded practices for you to keep forever

▽ Up to 30 min of messaging in-between sessions 

This tantric deep-dive will:


Show you how to turn around a sexless marriage (and have her initiating)
• Restore your confidence after divorce (know exactly what women want)

• Give you embodied sexual skills (get out of your head and feel confident)
• Make relating to women easier and possibly even fun

• Give you a powerful, confident masculine presence that is irresistible

• Show you how to be a the tantric lover of your dreams

• Empower you to attract the woman who deeply meets you on every level

Give you real-time, honest feedback from a supportive feminine presence

Here are some of the themes we may explore (each package is tailored specifically to you)






















This life-changing experience is available right now for $5 K. 

This is NOT an hourly rate - coaching is different from the therapeutic model you might be familiar with.


Prices for this work include the additional time I spend outside our sessions in follow-up messaging, accountability, extra communications, and creating tailored audio and video practices. Prices also reflect the many fixed costs associated with marketing and running my business and paying my team.


My sessions are 60-75-min long due to the combination of somatic work with other approaches.


A payment plan is available.

Here’s how you sign up:

Pick a time on my calendar for a 55-min call to see if it’s a good fit for both of us.

You’ll answer some questions when you sign up for the call.

There’s a refundable $50 deposit to reserve these spots for those who are serious about this work. 

Once we both decide it’s a fit, I’ll send you a contract to review + onboarding bonuses, and then we will schedule our first session together and begin.


From this work you will walk away with:

Communication skills that stop endless arguments about who's 'right'

Confidence and tools to deal with your inner world and end cycles of self-criticism

Inner strength + boundaries that make you irresistible to women


Wizard-level sex skills so that performance anxiety is a thing of the past 


A 'new normal' and helpful reflexes so that when it comes to relating to women, you know exactly what to do to make her melt. Finally.

A non-dual tantric mentality to life so that you meet challenges in a way that inspires respect.


Your tantric scientist,



PS.  If you do anything today, remember to watch the coaching session video above!

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