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I designed this course for Smart, Successful 

Men like You who want to:



 Handle emotions and communication with EASE 


You love women but you just don't know what they want anymore. Are your masculine power and sexuality welcome or harmful?


You crave deep, connected partnership where your efforts are fully received by your woman and you feel desired.

You've experienced years of sexless marriage, doing everything you can to make your partner happy, secretly hoping she will desire you in return for your efforts.

If you're a single man, you're constantly 'friend-zoned' or frustrated by the lack of 'high quality' women who can deeply meet you.

You're SO READY for deep love - so that you can relax into a thriving, passionate partnership and be accepted as your full, powerful self.  

The 14-Week Online LSC Course is designed and lead by Dr. Jessica, with support teaching and trauma expertise from Danny Morris.

2023 dates TBA

"[Jessica's] science background is so helpful for head driven people, who are initially less in touch with their feelings." - Milan, Berlin
"I loved the communication exercises, that is HUGE in a relationship" - Bob, New York

Meet Jessica (formerly Ananya):


Hi. I'm your Tantric Scientist. I've helped hundreds of men - from schoolteachers to CEOs and executives in tech, finance, and consulting - to rekindle passion in sexless marriages, feel confident and powerful, conquer performance anxiety, and communicate skillfully with women.

I got into this work because I had to make this leap myself - I was stuck in my head, disconnected from my body and emotions, and having terrible sex for YEARS. 

We don't get taught any skills about being a human in STEM careers. And trying to 'logic' our way through relating is a sure way to turn a partner off and make things stay frustratingly on the surface while we ache for connection.

I spent 10 years working in lab as an organic chemist and neuroscientist - PhD, postdoctoral fellowship - teaching undergrad classes, presenting at international conferences, managing lab assistants - the whole thing. Objectivity reigned and subjective embodied experience was laughed at.

After experimenting with sex and alternative relationships in underground communities in San Francisco and at Burning Man, I decided there was more to life than pipettes and left my career to travel the world to say 'yes' to what scared me.


I spent 4+ years in tantric and spiritual communities in Asia, studying shadow work, kundalini, non-dual tantra, and more. I am PCC certified by the ICF, by VITA in Tantra and Men's Sexuality, and currently studying Process-Oriented Psychology.

I saw a lot of bullshit and science-denying in the spiritual scene, and I also see the limitations of a science-only worldview.

I started my practice to honor both the logical and embodied aspects of life. 

What my clients love and what changes their lives is the tantric mentality I teach you. Facing and accepting your moment-to-moment experience of life is a game-changer.


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The 14 Week Journey to more Love, Sex, and Confidence


▽ WEEK 0: Pre-Course MEET AND GREET, Intention Setting

Thursday, Sept. 8th, 5:30pm Pacific


Feel powerful in your body, know how to stay centered and adaptable in the face of challenges, and discover what integrating your masculine strength as a force for good feels like. This is a thread we follow over the whole 14 weeks.


Get insight into how you treat yourself, defuse the inner critic, stop self-sabotaging, and develop an intentional relationship to your inner world so that you choose what you focus on in life rather than being at the mercy of unexamined narratives about yourself and reality.



Fill up with buzzing energy through bringing daily, non-sexual pleasure back into your life in intentional ways. Develop a conscious self-pleasure practice to conquer performance anxiety.



Make friends with your demons. Bring light to what you're afraid of and embody what you're pushing away. Defuse shame & guilt so that you can act from love rather than fear, frustration, or anger.


Bring awareness + compassion to your patterns and to hers, and understand how to heal together by skillfully directing your biology to work for you.


Know how to handle yourself and your woman in the face of old wounds and recognize coping strategies for what they are so that you can give her what she needs to heal and grow with you.


How to get unstuck from repeating patterns, handle intense emotions (yours and hers), and see emotions as powerful allies so that you can expertly defuse emotional storms and reground into love.


Recognize your own biases about the 'feminine' - in women and in life - and know how to work with women's biology so that she feels respected and connected to you.



Why defending, explaining, and justifying, and over-using logic is killing your relationship. Here's what to do instead so that she melts.



Hone your sexual confidence and energetic range as a lover so that s-x is never boring, develop a plan for addressing common sexual function issues, and receive initiation into neo-tantric sexual ritual. Full-body orgasm practice.




 "Jessica took me to places I have never been before in sexual pleasure, in full body pleasure and in love for myself and others. It is so comfortable sharing with Jessica, laughing, digging deep into myself in an honest way, then letting her help me and more enjoyment and blissful feelings than I ever experienced. She has helped me deal successfully with being in a 40 year marriage with differing sexual needs, and both of us growing older. She helped me grapple with an abusive childhood and resulting low self-esteem. I am so excited, in fact, to learn more, dig more, heal more, feel more, enjoy more, orgasm more!"         


-Bob, New York

Senior Man Portrait

Course format:

There is nothing like this course: a full education, both experiential and logical, in sex and relationships, designed by a woman who loves men. I give you feedback on how you show up to my feminine animal body and hold you in a loving female presence - while Danny speaks from his journey of learning to love his masculine power.

I bring you everything you need to know to go deep in your relationships and get the love you want - all the things I wished I had known as a scientist - essential skills and insight for creating healthy, fulfilling sex, love and relationships (sexual and platonic).

» Live 90-Minute Zoom Practice every week:

Tuesdays 5:30pm Pacific, Weekly from Sep 13 - Dec 13

Pre-Course Introduction Thursday Sep 8 at 5:30pm Pacific

This is an EXPERIENTIAL course where we PRACTICE together. You will be asked to get out of your comfort zone. You will do life-changing practices you've never done before in the company of your fellow men.

» Weekly Lecture Videos in our online Course Portal 

These videos give you the 'why' to satisfy your logical brain, so you are ready to get the most out of practice on the live calls.

» Private Facebook Community + Group Support

Faster and lasting transformation is catalyzed by witnessing the process of other men and being seen and held yourself. I ask you to show up and play full out and bring us your truth, no matter what.

» Accountability Partner

Men who have done this course previously forged life-long bonds with their fellow participants. You'll have a partner to help keep you on track.

» All Sessions Recorded and Available in the Online Portal

Access to these teachings for 1 year after the course end date.

» Exclusive 1:1 add-on sessions with Jessica + extra surprise bonus material.

Get private support for a special rate, free access to Jessica's neo-tantra massage course, and extra goodies.


Places are limited to 15 participants.


2023 dates TBA


What’s in it for you?

» My intention is:

For you to know in your bones that your masculine power is a gift.

For you to effortlessly feel what confidence is like - built on a foundation of self-love, not bravado. 

For you to walk down the street fully connected to your sexuality with no shame, knowing that women crave the your integrated masculine power and desire (and what that feels like).


For you to handle diffcult emotions (your and hers) with ease and agility of a pro-athlete and feel skilled at relating to women.

For you to feel free to be your full self and easily play in the full range of your energetic abilities - from hot domination to deliciously tender.

» So that you can be a force for good in the world, be irresistible to women, have the deep love you crave, and leave a meaningful legacy.

"Im really grateful for this program, i recommend it for anyone who wants to improve the way they show up as a man [...]"
"You really blew my mind with several of the different ways to engage with women [...]"

Why this works:

» I designed this course after years of 1:1 coaching and months of research speaking directly to men about their challenges and desires.


» Deep experiential practices over a sustained period of time that make deep shifts in your being.

» Benchmarking practice to measure progress.


» Paired practice in-session for real-time feedback from other men.

» Incisive insight and bottom-line practical approach plus expert trauma awareness with specialist Danny Morris.


» Nervous-system fundamentals you were never taught in school for why women act the way they do, plus attachment theory, and frank, explicit sex talk.

» Only 15 spots - for more personalized attention from Jessica and from Danny.



Choose to walk this Earth as a Powerful, Confident & Desired Man 

Love, Sex, and Confidence for Men

2023 dates TBA

"Jessica is an incredible coach. She is deeply insightful and is one the most compassionate souls I’ve encountered on this journey. Her scientific background, coupled with her coaching credentials and continuous self-study make her a well-rounded coach with an effective approach to helping men overcome the obstacles in their life.


She is one of a kind and I strongly recommend her for men looking to realize their best self"

R.O., Canada

Male Portrait

Growing up, I seemed to be aware of things that others were not - I was a sensitive child. Confused that others didn’t seem to operate that way, I felt like I was somehow different. 


After many years working as a successful engineer for IBM, I left my corporate career behind to further explore the path to awakening through meditation and yoga. 


This led me on a journey that spanned the globe. From Thailand to Nepal, India, and Vermont, I immersed myself in months-long meditation retreats at various monasteries, learning from great teachers.


Finally, my journey led me back to the states and eventually to study in Boulder, Colorado, where I learned how to use meditation to heal trauma in the body


With the integration of the interpersonal work from Circling, studying awakening with the Luminous Awareness Institute, and the trauma skills from Bridging Soma and Soul, I am able to offer something unique: the integration of awakening through meditation, healing through trauma, and opening to vulnerable human connection. 

Now, as a trained Spiritual + Somatic Awareness coach, I help others by deepening into our humanness and interconnection for awakening, energetic healing, and transformation.

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