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I designed The Love, Sex & Confidence Course For Men who want to:


  Claim Sexual and Personal CONFIDENCE

Feel DESIRED by their partner

 Communicate with EASE and skill 


I see a lot of men who have hidden away their power and desire because they don't want to hurt the women in their lives. 

Who have gone through decades of sexless marriage doing everything they can to make their partner happy, secretly hoping she will desire them in return for their efforts.

Or men who have resigned themselves to being alone, having experienced women as 'alien' creatures, mysterious and incomprehensible.

When connection is elusive, bitterness sets in, anger outbursts arise, and this makes connection even more unlikely. 

I help men break this downward spiral.

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This Course is for you if ...


» You are having sexual performance issues.

» You are stuck in your head during sex.

» You seek depth and emotional connection in your relationships.

» You do not feel desired by your partner.

» You are frustrated when communicating and understanding women.

To meet me and find out if LSC is for you:

"Ananya's science background is so helpful for head driven people, who are initially less in touch with their feelings [...]"
"I loved the communication exercises, that is HUGE in a relationship"

Meet Ananya:


After a successful 10-year career as a PhD chemist, Ananya broke free of lab life to say 'yes' to her heart and pursue experiments in consciousness, embodiment, and sacred sexuality.

True to her studious, academic roots, she spent 4+ years in full-time practice of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini, and Tantra in Asia, and then begin her new career as a certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach
with Layla Martin’s VITA coaching.

Ananya offers work that transformed her own life, including: shadow work, process-oriented psychology, and emotional intelligence. She is also a devoted, long-time student of classical tantrik meditation and non-dual philosophy.


Ananya’s life and work represent a bridge between disparate worlds: men and women, science and spiritual practice, the head and the heart.

Her no-bullshit Bliss Science approach to sex & relationships unites the material and spiritual at the heart through non-dual insight, embodiment practices, and science-based knowledge.

Ananya has worked with hundreds of men - CEOs, teachers, healers, and leaders in tech, finance, and consulting - to rekindle passion in sexless marriages, recover confidence post-divorce, heal from performance anxiety, and communicate skillfully with women.

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The 14 Week Journey to more Love, Sex, and Confidence


▽ WEEK 0: Pre-course Meet and Greet, Intention Setting


Center in your masculine strength, love being connected to your body, and discover what power as a force for good is like.



Get insight into how you treat yourself, defuse the inner critic, stop self-sabotaging, and develop an intentional relationship to your inner world rather than it controlling you.



Fill up with buzzing energy through bringing daily, non-sexual pleasure back into your life in intentional ways. Develop conscious self-pleasure practice.



Make friends with your demons. Bring light to what you're afraid of and embody what you're hiding from. Defuse shame & guilt so you can act from love rather than fear, frustration, or anger.


Bring awareness + compassion to your patterns and hers, and understand how to heal together by having your biology work for you.


Know how to handle yourself + your woman in the face of old wounds and recognize coping strategies for what they are.


How to get unstuck from repeating patterns, handle intense emotions (yours and hers), and see emotions as powerful allies. 


Recognize your own biases about the 'feminine' in women and in life, know how to work with women's biology to foster connection.



Why 'explaining' is killing your relationship. How to stop be defensive and what to do instead that makes her light up.



Insight into what sex really means to you, how you show up as a lover, how to be irresistible to her, and initiation into neo-tantric sexual ritual.




 "Ananya took me to places I have never been before in sexual pleasure, in full body pleasure and in love for myself and others. It is so comfortable sharing with Ananya, laughing, digging deep into myself in an honest way, then letting her help me and more enjoyment and blissful feelings than I ever experienced. She has helped me deal successfully with being in a 40 year marriage with differing sexual needs, and both of us growing older. She helped me grapple with an abusive childhood and resulting low self-esteem. I am so excited, in fact, to learn more, dig more, heal more, feel more, enjoy more, orgasm more!"         


-Bob, New York

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Course format:

» Live 90-Minute Zoom Practice every week

» Live 60-Minute Q & A every week

» Weekly Lecture Videos in our online portal 

» Private Facebook Community + Group Support

» All sessions recorded and available in the online portal

» Exclusive 1:1 add-on sessions with Ananya 


What’s in it for you?


Guaranteeing results is bullshit ... We set our intentions, go on our journey, and surrender attachment to a specific result.


» And, my testimonials and my 7 years of working with men speak to my results...You WILL be different. It may not be in the way you expect.

» My intention is:

For you to know in your bones that your masculine power is a gift.

For you to know what confidence is like - built on a foundation of self-love, not bravado. 

For you to love yourself as a sexual being, know how to handle diffcult emotions, be comfortable in your body, and feel skilled at relating to women...

» So that you can be a force for good in the world and leave a meaningful legacy.

Why this works:


» Accountability partner and benchmarking practice to measure progress.


» Paired practice in-session for real-time feedback.

»Weekly Q&As and optional

1:1 add-on


» Trauma-informed container.


» Nervous-system fundamentals for why women act the way they do, attachment theory, and sexual anatomy.


» Drawn from science, classical tantra, and neo-tantra.


» Course designed after years of 1:1 coaching and months of research speaking directly to men about their struggles and fears.


Choose to walk this Earth as a Powerful, Confident & Desired Man 

Love, Sex, and Confidence for Men

Coming September 2022

"Ananya is an incredible coach. She is deeply insightful and is one the most compassionate souls I’ve encountered on this journey. Her scientific background, coupled with her coaching credentials and continuous self-study make her a well-rounded coach with an effective approach to helping men overcome the obstacles in their life.


She is one of a kind and I strongly recommend her for men looking to realize their best self"

R.O., Canada

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"Im really grateful for this program, i recommend it for anyone who wants to improve the way they show up as a man [...]"
"You really blew my mind with several of the different ways to engage with women [...]"
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