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I created Bliss Science Coaching because I believe our suffering comes from shaming our desire, disconnecting from pleasure, and lack of relational tools. Most of us were given zero understanding of our emotional world, our nervous system, how to communicate, and how to self- and co-regulate. 

It is my passion to be a guide for men to achieve insight into what they really want, to understand how women might be perceiving them, and to transform stuck patterns into intentional relating skills that really work.

My scientific background brings a unique, no-bullshit approach to transformational work. 

Unlike a lot of sexuality work out there, mine is grounded in the radical acceptance of what is and not about telling you who you 'should' be or chasing peak experiences. 

My work is about both light and dark. I have felt the power and energy that comes from facing our fears rather than fighting them, and I hold to door open for you to do the same. 

The paradigm-shifting wisdom of the tantric yogis was to value both intellectual understanding as well as subjective embodied experience. Each refines the other.

My clients have included CEOS & founders in the tech, consulting, and finance industries, as well as brave, passionate men from all walks of life - musicians, artists, healers.


They are husbands and fathers who refuse to let the passion die in their marriage, or single men who refuse to live a life of disconnection and loneliness.


Many of us come from backgrounds of shame, denial, and repression. It is a radical act to claim our desire, turn toward our emotions, and heal our wounds with compassion rather than criticism.


Every man who wants a life-long passionate relationship knows he must at some point take this journey.


Join us.



Tantra Coach / Scientist

Jessica Harvey, Ph.D.


There was only one model for how to live life in the small town in Texas where I was raised, and leaving a respectable scientific career to go study an esoteric system of yoga and explore paradigm-shifting ideas about sexuality was not part of it.

As a scientist, I wasn't about to throw rational thinking out the window for New-Age wishful thinking, and as a champion list-maker, I like to accomplish things and did not see the appeal of sitting in meditation.


Yet after years in the lab, I was miserable. I didn't know how to feel, I tried to please everyone - which made relating very stressful, and I had never accepted my feminine side. I couldn't relax or let go of control.


So I left to go say yes to what scared me. 

When I found Tantric Yoga, it wasn't at all like the pop-culture idea of spirituality. I found rigorous practices that welcomed my body, emotions, and darkness, as well as sophisticated teachings on non-duality and consciousness that satisfied me intellectually. 

I had become a scientist because I wanted to investigate the structure of reality - what is everything made of? In Tantric practice, I found the same inquiry, with the study of consciousness rather than material reality, at the root. In this new framework, relationships became my laboratory.

On some level, whether molecular or interpersonal, I've always been studying bonding!

My teachers include: Layla Martin's VITA coaching certification, Jenny Hale of Emotional Mastery, David Bedrick's Shadow and Process Work, Prem Baba's ABC 1, John Wineland and Kendra Cunov, Jasmine Tarkeshi of Laughing Lotus, Agama Yoga, and Christopher Wallis and Paul Muller-Ortega for classical tantrik meditation and non-dual philosophy.

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