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intimacy coaching for men relationship coaching for couples

Wanting to go deeper and get personalized, expert guidance from Dr. Jessica?


Get your spot at this special LIVE hot seat coaching!

What: Bring your relationship and intimacy questions, and I'll give you help right there on the call.

When: Thurs. Aug 17th, 5:30-7pm Pacific

Where: Live on Zoom (link on signup)

*only 12 spots available!

dr. jessica gold paint smear

  • I normally don't offer 1-off sessions, so don't miss this special opportunity to get fast, accessible coaching from my expertise!

  • Last time I offered this, so many beautiful men showed up, and it was pure magic.

Some of the questions I've addressed in hot seat before:

1. I'm single and I want to have a relationship. How do I approach women without looking like a "creep"?

2. How do I tell women I'm engaging sexually with that I'm *not* interested in a relationship - in a way they can hear and believe?

3. I've done years and years of self-development work - how do I know what's enough? 

4. I've needed extra emotional support since a recent death in the family. My relationship with my wife has suffered. How do I not depend on her for all my emotional needs and save my marriage?

5. What are the best strategies for meeting women IRL?

What it's like to work with Dr. Jessica:

"Now I get it" said Matt, "THIS is what it's like for sex to be about intimacy rather than about body parts. My whole life all I did was rush to the finish line. Now I'm interested in presence. I just saw my wife like she was 20 years ago - there was a newness and innocence in relating. We lost that through the years of kids, work, and stress."


Hi, I’m Dr. Jessica Gold
Your Tantric Scientist


I am here to stir something in your soul. Are you ready?


After leaving my career as a scientist because I was stuck in my head, drinking too much, and lacking heart connection and pleasure in my marriage, I spent a year traveling the world and saying ‘yes’ to what scared me.

I ended up spending 4 years in full-time study and practice in a tantric community - which means I bring you the intellectual and embodied 1,2 double-punch of tantric transformation work!

Now, my old classmates from MIT tell me I’m the only tantric practitioner they trust - because they know I respect science, even while being a total tantra nerd.

I've been a guest speaker in men's groups, worked with hundreds of men ages 29 to 72, CEOs and founders, schoolteachers and mail carriers, and one thing I know for sure: there's nothing better than real love and mutual passion, and I'm here to help you have it.

intimacy coaching for men relationship coaching for couples
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