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What will I gain?

  • be completely yourse​lf
  • uproot guilt, shame, and fear
  • illuminate your unconscious patterns
  • access your core primal nature
  • harness your emotions skillfully
  • love your sexuality
  • be irresistible to your partner
  • hold yourself with compassion
  • feel safe, respected, and loved
  • understand your purpose
  • awaken to the magic within you
A world where sexuality is celebrated in a classy, wise, and integrated way.​.. Let's create it together!

What is


Coaching is about partnering with you to empower yourself to live to your highest potential. I create a non-judgmental space of love and respect so you can say yes to being fully yourself.
Coaching is laser-focused, in-depth, and condensed - designed to get you in touch with what you truly, deeply, madly desire and break free from what is preventing you from getting it. 
Integrated sexuality coaching specifically targets areas that other therapeutic modalities do not address effectively. I give you practical methods to take charge of your own evolution.
Not everyone is ready for this process. It takes courage and passionate dedication. If you've made it this far, something is awakening inside of you. And you won't be content to keep living the way things are.
I know. I've been there. Reach out. Let's begin. 
~Space is limited~
"My time with Ananya was beyond anything I expected.
Her combination of smarts with non-judgmental presence had me talking about aspects of my life that I had never imagined discussing with anyone. Every week I looked forward to our sessions.
The insights I received were real and lasting.
Highly recommended!"
- R.S., Los Angeles, United States

What's Included:

  • 12, weekly, 75-min online video sessions

  • Tailored guided audio practices to keep forever

  • Between-session email support: you are held & held accountable!

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