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For thoughtful men who want to...

Come Alive,

Love Passionately

& Be THEIR best Self

Scientist and Tantra Geek Ananya Jessica inspires thoughtful men to awaken from frustration and shutdown into a life of freedom, power, and love.


Does this sound like you?

You want to be free to be YOU

Constantly making yourself acceptable to others is exhausting. You want to be loved for all your darkness and your light, and welcome your full human experience. 

You are ready for deeper intimate connection 

You love to love, but somehow so much gets in the way. You're tired of sex feeling like a performance. You want to feel safe to express yourself and also be irresistble to your partner.

You want to discover your highest potential
You want to get in touch with your full inner power and learn to express it harmoniously. You're dedicated to being your best self - in your career and you relationships. 

I created Tantric Science because:

I have experienced that the human body is capable of far greater love, bliss, and connection than we are ever taught, and my mission is to bring this to you.
True transformation comes from inspiration and integration. Accepting our emotions, our desire, and our full humanity brings us freedom, power, and love.
I believe that there does not need to be a divide between science and spiritual wisdom. My passion is creating common ground among both internal and external aspects of our human experience. 

Ananya earned her PhD in chemistry and worked in academic research for 10 years before she heard her heart calling and left it all to immerse full-time in the world of tantric yoga. 


In her coaching practice, she integrates all her areas of expertise with the hard-earned wisdom from her own adventure through the wonders of sex, love, and relationships. 


Equally at home in science and spirituality, she brings a unique clarity and insight born from the integration of these disparate worlds.

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