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How to be Irresistible to Your Woman

(in dating or in relationship)

  • The 4 big mistakes men make that turn women off

  • How to antidote those tendencies

  • How using a tantric lens catalyzes this transformation
    In a way that feels good

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Are You In a Relationship But Feeling Disconnected and Wanting More Heart-Connection and Passion in Sex? 

Are You Single and Ready to Find A Woman Who Can Truly Meet You On Every Level?


If you’re looking for Tantra Coaching for Men (or Intimacy Coaching for Couples), and you want to feel:


Deeply connected,

▽ Desired by your woman, &

▽ Masterful at sex…

And you've got this going for you:


▽ You’re a smart, upstanding man who’s excelling in your career

▽ You’re doing everything possible to make your woman happy

Yet you often find yourself wondering


“Why is it so difficult to get the sex I crave?”

  “Why don’t I feel more appreciated by my woman?”

  “Why do I sometimes feel like my main role in this family is driving kids around and paying bills?”


You LOVE being a father and having a successful career.


But you miss the connection you used to have with your wife.

▽ That feeling of being adored. 

▽ The adventures you used to have. 

▽ The open way you used to talk together.

You’re tired of sex being at the bottom of the to-do list, as if everything else in your household is more important. 

You’re tired of bending over backwards, doing everything she wants….secretly hoping she'll reward you by initiating sex.

But nothing seems to WORK

▽ You’re sick of feeling shamed and criticized for your desires. 

▽ You don’t want to feel lonely and alone in your partnership for the rest of your life.

▽ You worry that if things go on this way, the temptation to step out will become too strong. 


Your woman spent mealtimes subtly flirting with you and pulled you into the bedroom as soon as the kids fall asleep.

▽ You felt connected again during sex…as if you are baring your deepest selves. 

▽ She bragged about your skills as a lover to her friends. 

▽ You felt like you had a real partnership again where you’re on the same team

Communication flowed easily. Criticism is replaced by flirtation and appreciation. 

Happy Couple

If you’re ready to turn your relationship around…

You’re in the right place. 

Bliss Science:


The Thinking Man's Intimacy & Tantra Coach 


Couple's Intimacy & Tantra Coach



You Can Create This Life For Yourself

in 6 Months

All you need to do is

Take the first step. 

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"I feel very thankful for my choice to work with Jessica.


I am finding that we are doing very deep and necessary work and that I am growing in the direction that is bringing me increasing happiness, independence and power.


Jessica brings: personal authenticity, intelligence, intuition, tenaciousness and a diverse and honed skill set to the work. I consider her a great human asset in my self-development process which has spanned 30 years."

~Zachary, Colorado

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