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Confidence, Passion, and Power -
for Men

✨Black Friday Bundle✨

Are you ready to feel more confident in bed and put anxiety, pressure, and stuck-in-your-head sex behind you?

For 1 week only... get 3 of my best-selling sexual confidence and intimacy trainings bundled together for just $199 (normally $419)!
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What the Bundle Includes:

sexual confidence for men intimacy coaching
sexual confidence for men intimacy coaching
sexual confidence for men intimacy coaching

1. MEN'S TOTAL CONFIDENCE IN BED: Sexual Confidence Training (VALUED AT $197)

 The Neo-tantric approach to solving performance anxiety for good

▽ In this 4-week course, you will:

  • Learn the 4 fundamental shifts you can make right now to get your sexual confidence back - based on neo-tantric principles and modern psychology

  • Get the step-by-step manual for addressing the 3 main performance anxiety issues that come up in intimacy

  • Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are skilled at pleasing her in bed - and she even brags about you to her girlfriends afterwards (yes yes yes!).

This course includes 4, pre-recorded 90-minute classes to watch at your convenience


 Recover from shame and create playful love

▽ You want to be a powerful and sexual man, but you’re not sure how to do that, and worried you might cause harm if you get it wrong.


▽ And you can’t see how to invite your partner into relaxing a little, giving up some control, or following your lead.

In this 90-minute pre-recorded masterclass, we will explore how you can show up in a way that honors your masculine gifts of strength and desire and doesn’t perpetuate harm


 In this 90-minute pre-recorded masterclass, learn how to:

  • Move from performing to pleasure to the sacred in sex

  • Develop a tantric mentality and which it’s so crucial to sacred sex

  • Feel more confident overall and be more skilled at making sex both more fun and deeper for you and your partner(s).

sexual confidence for men intimacy coaching

"Jessica is a fabulous facilitator with so much to offer those desiring to expand and amplify their sexual potential. Her extensive background has her poised with new tools and wisdom downloads to offer. Highly recommend working with her."


Steven, Vancouver

“I really enjoyed your extremely knowledgeable lectures, your positive energy and insight, empathy and the feeling you truly were there to help with anyone's issues with compassion and love. You have kind of a zen presence of someone that exudes wisdom beyond their physical time on the planet.”


Brent, New York

sexual confidence for men intimacy coaching

Life's too short to have boring, stuck-in-your-head sex. Bring on the deep listening, heart connection, wild abandon, and easy pleasure - free from pressure to 'perform'

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